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Ronit R

Joined Feb 2022 · He/Him


A high school student joining Schoolhouse in hopes of helping people understand any topic - from pre-algebra to differential calculus - better.


May 2022 - Present

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100% Mastery
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SAT Math


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Upcoming Sessions

SAT® Prep · Series

Comprehensive Math Prep for the August SAT

    10th session

(If you haven't joined yet - feel free to do so!) August 27th is our test date so let's get to learning! In this series, I will be sharing methodical approaches to consistently answering SAT math problems quickly and most importantly, correctly. You as the learner will be able to interact with each of the sessions in multiple ways. There will be opportunities to share your ideas or answers, bring up a topic on which clarification is needed, and voice your opinion in polls. By the end of it, my hope is for everyone participating to be able to feel a lot more confident and for the math section of the test to become the easier of the two sections.

Ronit R

18 spots left!

Experimental · Summer Camp Series

Java: from "Hello World" to Game Creation

    7th session

This course is focused on teaching anyone (even with minimal programming experience) the fundamentals of coding and eventually applying objected-oriented programming to the development of basic 2D games. (More classes may be added depending on the need)

Ronit R

2 spots left!

Featured Feedback


Very Very helpful assited with solving problems and provided helpful practice problems to further my understanding! 20/10 recommend!

Learner · 4 days ago

Hi Ronit! I just audited your live help session, and you did a great job on helping the learner out by asking engaging questions. I liked how you were very polite while gauging what the learner did and didn't know. Your explanations were very clear and helpful. I also liked the use of desmos towards the end to demonstrate a concept. Overall, you did a really great job! Thank you for volunteering at schoolhouse, and if you have more questions, you can reach out to me on slack @Emma F.

Tutor · 1 mo. ago


Learner · 16 days ago

Ronit was really helpful and patiently guided me through many difficult topics in Calculus. Excellent tutor. Thank you so much!

Learner · 1 mo. ago


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