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Shirley M

Joined Nov 2021 · She/Her


The smell of markers came out of my room, from the drawings on the wall, ten sketch book lay on the big bookshelf which filled with books, a few paper cuts for window decoration with a scissors spreadover my table, and an oli painting hung on the wall. Yes, i love arts. Piano stand in the corner, being played on every day, guitar‘s string is new, for it just have been changed for the old rusty ones. A mic and audio board in a box was under the table, all was heard by every day. Yes, i love music. I'm Shirly, I come from the Milky way of the universe, the solar system of the Milky way, the Earth Moon system of the solar system, the earth of the Earth Moon system, the northern hemisphere of the earth, Asia in the northern hemisphere, China in Asia, Dali province of China. love arts and music and also reading too. I'm and ailurophile, which mean "cataholic", and am a "poop-picker of cat" too. Now in loved with Broadway's Hamilton and SIX.


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Featured Feedback


The drawing sesh was very interesting I really enjoyed

Learner · 11 mo. ago

Thanks Shirley and Jessica for hosting this Drawing a Cartoon face session. I really learned a lot and get to know better at it. Sorry I couldn't draw it out myself because of I don't have a paper and my digital tablet isn't working but I still learned a lot. Hope to see you next time.

Learner · 11 mo. ago

This session was very hepful, I think I can undstand the structure of the head now, thank you Shirley!!!

Learner · 11 mo. ago

Hey there, I just audited your session. I think it was good how you checked everything was working so the learners can hear you well and have a good learning experience and focus on learning not understanding you. I love your introduction at the beginning and think that it was really good for encouraging interaction with the learners. I also like that you checked to see if the learner already knew or what they knew before beginning. I like that you asked questions to check for understanding and mastery of what you are teaching it really helps for the learners to understand what you are tutoring. The way that you teach was very thorough and showed a mastery of the topic and was really great to see. Overall great session have a great day. Other than that have a great day! If you have any questions or want to talk feel free to reach out to me on slack @Justin D.

Tutor · 2 yr. ago


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