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Avinash T

Joined Sep 2021


Hi there! My name is Avinash and I am a high school student from the United States. I enjoy teaching other students because I am able to positively impact their educational journey. I primarily tutor in all topics of Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1, and I cannot wait to meet you in one of my sessions!


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Upcoming Sessions

Avinash isn't hosting anything soon, but you can follow them to get updates on future sessions.

Featured Feedback


The tutor really helped me to get a better understanding of this website. He patiently went through all the topics and answered the questions the learners had while being kind and respectful.

Tutor · 1 mo. ago

It was super helpful! I appreciate you hosting it at that time too, because I desperately needed the hours and there wasn't a lot that fit my ridiculously busy schedule this weekend :)

Learner · 3 mo. ago

Hi Avinash, my name is Eric Q and great job on your schoolhouse tour session! You were very clear throughout the entire session and you provided a very straightforward and easy to follow guide to schoolhouse tutoring. I also really liked how you introduced yourself, asked the learner about her situation, and made the session feel very welcoming. You also did a great job with using other tutors and your own account as examples for the learner. This evidently shows that you are a great and seasoned tutor! Thank you for volunteering at SHW!

Tutor · 1 mo. ago

Great job on helping the learner! You were patient with them and explained it all very well and took the time to make sure they understood their problem! I like the way you explained and asked question at the beginning (difference between permutations and combinations) to check understanding. Overall great job keep up the good work! - Justin D (P.s good job redirecting him to make a session request)

Tutor · 6 mo. ago


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