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High School Seniors: What’s Next?

By Avinash T on June 17, 2024

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I am a proud member of the Class of 2024! How about you? For those of you who are almost high school graduates, keep on reading because this article is for you.

Graduating high school can feel like a bittersweet ending but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the word commencement refers to a new start, not an ending. So as you find yourself navigating the real-world and moving into college, I’d like to share some of my tips.

Stay Close With Friends And Family

It is quite likely that your post-secondary plans involve a change in location–whether you’re moving to the opposite side of the country or going to college in a different town. However, I encourage you to still stay in touch with friends and family. Embrace change as a good thing and don’t hesitate to update loved ones on what’s going on in your life!

Look Forwards, Not Backwards

With the ending of high school, take time to reflect on your experiences thus far. Try not to regret anything that’s happened in the past–rather focus on who you are now. This is a fresh new start so make the best of it.

Be Aware of Dates and Deadlines

Marking out dates for everything college-related is not a bad idea. Take a calendar and write out the tasks you need to complete. The last thing you want is to miss the housing deadline or forget to submit a required final transcript. Staying organized is only going to make everything so much easier.

Pack, Pack, Pack

Before moving into college, make sure you’re ready for what you’ve signed up for. Don’t forget to pack toiletries, clothing, electronics, and more. Do this sooner rather than later so that you’re prepared for move-in week and can have tons of fun at orientation! Here is a college dorm checklist you may want to reference.

Register For Classes

Registration for college classes can begin as early as May or June depending on when your first semester begins. Look into when you need to sign up and take action accordingly. Also make sure you can login into your college email–a lot of communication is sent through there.

Explore Your Options

According to the National Center for Education Students, it is normal for a student to change their major a couple times, on average, during their time at college. So don’t limit yourself to one option-explore your options, whether that be entering the workforce, pursuing vocational training, or continuing with higher education. Let your interests guide you but don’t immediately rule things out–it’s totally fine if you don’t have everything planned out just yet!

Stay Flexible

Being open to new experiences is what makes us us. Don’t hesitate to do things you haven’t done before or take up a new opportunity because you never know how it will turn out!

And Most Importantly…Celebrate!

Graduating can come with a mix of emotions, but above all, it should be a time to celebrate! Take some pictures in your cap and gown, go out for dinner, do whatever makes you happy. I personally recommend considering hosting a grad party and sending out invitations to friends, relatives, and any other guests. Let everyone know where you will be going this fall and if you haven’t already, maybe buy some college merch!

Thank you Sharon for editing this article!

Sources: peer tutoring, for free.


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