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Brooke M

Joined Feb 2024 · She/Her


I'm a homeschooled junior that loves baking, reading, and writing! I am super excited to be able to help fellow students with all kinds of difficult subjects, and just have some fun. I am currently studying German, AP Calculus, AP Biology, and AP Psychology and I hope to learn so much more as I continue to meet new people here!


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Upcoming Sessions

📝Writing Contest!!

This is going to be a super fun creative writing contest! Everyone will be able to vote on their favorite prompt that you will be writing with.

We have decided on three prompts to vote on:

Prompt #1: At midnight, a hidden library appears in an abandoned subway station. Its shelves hold books that reveal alternate lives and untold stories. Describe a character who stumbles upon this magical place and the life-changing decisions they face.

Prompt #2: A monster is terrified by the scary child who lives above his bed.

Prompt #3: The main protagonist is teleported into a different time. (past) Describe the different types of people and things they encounter.

This is mostly just for fun but the main judging criteria will be story, (does the story match the prompt and is it engaging) grammar and sentence structure, (not to sound like a SAT section, but the grammar needs to be accurate) and finally, originality (you can't use chatGTP for this, I hate that that is something I need to add, but you should add your own creative voice in your writing.
The time allowed to complete your writing will be three months, so you should have plenty of time to finish and refine your writing.
The winner of the contest will get a shoutout in the R&W Subworld and have their story posted in our shoutout! Second and third place winners will also get shoutouts!
The most important rule is to just have fun! This isn't a professional contest so don't stress out about making your writing "perfect". There are no perfect papers, remember that.
We will have all rules and criteria finalized by the kickoff to the contest.

Brooke M and 6 others


U.S. History Focus Group

    3rd session
Every Wednesday we will be discussing a different Unit from the US History Course on Khan Academy. This series is meant for only a small number of people so that I can help give y'all a little bit more personalized help with your History questions.

Brooke M

Registration full.

Featured Feedback


Brooke is a very nice and helpful tutor. She is very good at providing explanations for her learners. She makes the sessions very enjoyable and welcoming.

Learner · 2 mo. ago

Thank you! It was super helpful!

Learner · 2 mo. ago

Thank you for being patient and carefully going over everything!

Learner · 2 mo. ago

In this session, although the learner had several technical difficulties, you tried your best to keep them engaged, with questions such as "do you know why you got this answer?" and "How do you think we should approach this question?" which kept them thinking. The learner showed adequate progress at the wrap up questions in the end.

Tutor · 2 mo. ago


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