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Yash J

Joined Apr 2024 · He/Him


I'm a Sophmore enrolled at a public high school in LA! I'm here to help others learn and be as helpful as possible!

A little bit about myself - I really enjoy the sciences, music, and writing! In my free time, I’m usually practicing or producing music, cooking/baking, learning languages, or teaching myself something or other! To be fair though, I definitely watch my fair share of Netflix and play an unholy amount of Legend of Zelda 😅.

I speak English (natively), French (CEFR 2A), German (CEFR 1B), Hindi (I’m mostly fluent, I speak it at home), and Maithili (I can understand most everything, I’m just a little out of practice!)

Currently, I’m on Schoolhouse to help with Pre-Algebra, English, History, and Biology!

If you need help with anything or just want to chat, feel free to DM me! I look forward to being as much assistance as I can!


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AP Human Geography


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    16th session

Greetings, future anatomist! Welcome to this series where we talk about the most complex structure of science, the human body! This course features: ⭐The Integumentary System ✅ 🎀The Skeletal System ✅ ⭐The Muscular System ✅ 🎀The Nervous System ✅ ⭐The Endocrine System ✅ 🎀The Cardiovascular System ✅ ⭐The Lymphatic System ✅ 🎀The Respiratory System ⭐The Digestive System 🎀The Urinary System ✅ ⭐The Reproductive System (Female and Male) + KAHOOTS, ICEBREAKERS EVERY MEETING AND QUIZZES!!! 🐱 So, buckle up and let's dive in to the world of the human body! See you there! 🛫👨👩 (P.S. If a student misses a session, but gave notice prior the session, I will provide the slideshows and a session to "make-up" the missed class ONLY IF requested!) ♡ Claire S became a co-host on 05/19/24 ♡ ♡ Jayden K became a co-host on 05/25/24 ♡ ♡ Yash J became a co-host on 05/28/24 ♡ ♡ Aditya T became a co-host on 06/17/24 ♡


Ayesha A and 4 others


Get Ready for AP Human Geo!

    6th session

Each week, we'll go over one unit of APHG with Q&A sessions being hosted in between. This session will require involvement on your part, so please be prepared to unmute your mics (no cameras needed), and with that, let's get rolling!


Jayden K and 3 others


Featured Feedback


It was a great session. The tutors explained it very detail and it was helpful to learn

Learner · 24 days ago

Great session! You were super patient and understandable!

Learner · 26 days ago

Good session learn more than my biology class. Super interactive

Learner · 24 days ago

Great explanations!

Learner · 26 days ago


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