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Brooke M

Joined Feb 2024 · She/Her

Featured Feedback


Brooke is a very nice and helpful tutor. She is very good at providing explanations for her learners. She makes the sessions very enjoyable and welcoming.

Learner · 2 mo. ago

Thank you! It was super helpful!

Learner · 2 mo. ago

You did great for your first two sessions! you conveyed a deep understanding of factors and multiples, using simple multiplication and addition to explain the basics of factors and multiples. The material and your explanations were easy to digest, such as "5 multiplied by what is 45?" and "how many 15s are in a 45?". This breaks the concept of factors into simple multiplication.

Tutor · 2 mo. ago

Thank you for being patient and carefully going over everything!

Learner · 2 mo. ago

In this session, although the learner had several technical difficulties, you tried your best to keep them engaged, with questions such as "do you know why you got this answer?" and "How do you think we should approach this question?" which kept them thinking. The learner showed adequate progress at the wrap up questions in the end.

Tutor · 2 mo. ago peer tutoring, for free.


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