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Brooke M

Joined Feb 2024 · She/Her


I'm a homeschooled rising senior that is always interested in learning new things. I also tutor, I scored a 4 on both AP Biology and AP Psychology (We don't talk about Calculus 😅) so I could definitely help out with this subjects. I also like to read, my favorite book (technically a series) is Darkest Minds but Alexandra Bracken. So if anyone has read that, please message me because I love to chat. Hmm what else do I like? Oh! I like bread. That is all. Enjoy your day. :)


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Upcoming Sessions

Word of the Day for 365 Days!

    71st session

New learners are always welcome! In this series, there are two sessions every single day for a whole year! We have one in the morning and one in the evening, you can pick which of those you want to attend based on your schedule. How it works: We go over the pronunciation, definition, synonyms and antonyms, origin, (and maybe some fun facts) and how to use the word in a sentence. There is always a super fun Kahoot about the word. Then we have idiom of the day where we introduce a new idiom, it's meaning, and how it's used in a sentence. Then, at the very end, we have two quotes of the day! They may be inspirational, or funny, or both! I hope to see you there! These sessions are perfect for expanding your vocabulary.


Brooke M and 8 others


📝Writing Contest!!

    2nd session

This is going to be a super fun creative writing contest! We now have all of our rules and prompt finalized! Keep reading for all of the details. Rules: No ChatGPT or other ai text generators. No Grammarly AI. No offensive language. Keep writing relevant to the prompt. Have fun, no stress! :) Judging Criteria: Must be Relevant The story should stay within the parameters of the prompt. You can stray slightly since these are vague prompts, but if you don’t have any aspect of the prompt in your story, you will be disqualified. Must be grammatically correct The spelling and grammar of your story should be at least 90% accurate. I understand that English grammar rules are weird, so we won’t be too strict on things like the oxford comma or anything like that. If more than half of your story has misspellings and obvious grammatical errors, you will be disqualified. Must be original Your story should be something that you can come up with on your own and are proud of! If we have a strong indication that this isn't your original work (e.g. using AI, copying out of a book) you will be disqualified. Must be engaging You will have three months to write your story, use it all! Your story should make us want to keep reading, perhaps even want a longer story! You have the time to add as much imagery and dialogue as you want! You won't be disqualified for a “boring” story, but your chances of winning will definitely go down. Must be consistent Your story should keep the same tone, POV,(first person, second, third limited, and third omniscient) and tense.(past, present, future) This falls in its own category because you can have two grammatically correct sentences, but have them in two different tenses. If you can’t keep 95% consistency, your chances of winning will go down significantly. Page Limit: There is a Maximum of 10 pages allowed. It’s alright if you have like 10.2 pages, we just don’t have the time to read a novella in time for the winners to be announced. You can also make it as short as you want too. And finally, the prompt: The main protagonist is teleported into a different time. (past) Describe the different types of people and things they encounter. We're all super excited to see what amazing stories you come up with! Happy Writing! 😁


Brooke M and 5 others


Featured Feedback


Thank you for the session! It was my first time joining and I had so much fun! Everyone was super nice and I learned a new interesting word :D

Learner · 14 days ago

Thank you so much for this awesome session! It was fun and fascinating to learn this new info! You are an awesome tutor!

Learner · 25 days ago

OMG! This session was so fun! First of all: the slides looked so fun and different which helped the mood and second Brooke is sooo nice and patient despite tech difficulties! These are always so fun! I'll be back

Learner · 23 days ago

Brooke is such a compassionate tutor. She will stay late to make sure everyone gets the content of her session and she is so helpful in her sessions. I really appreciate her and all the hard work she puts in for us. :)

Learner · 1 mo. ago


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