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Cortni T

Joined Jul 2023 · She/Her


Hey all! I'm Cortni, a junior from Pennsylvania! I originally joined Schoolhouse as an SAT tutor, but I've branched out to tutoring math, science, and English as well. I'm excited to meet you all and collaborate with you on our learning journeys!

A bit more about me: I'm an actress, a vocalist, and a pianist; I hold the role of Student Director of the Musical at my school! I participate in Math League, play basketball, and sing in the Chamber Ensemble. I'm a student ambassador and guide at my school, and I've taken college classes both over the summer and through my school. I love learning languages (currently aiming for fluency in French) and I'm passionate about research of any kind.

I'm a devoted Christian and truly love my faith! I participate in a lot of activities at my Church, where I am the pianist and part of the choir. I also participate in NHS and Campus Ministry, and I enjoy volunteering however I can.

I hope to make learning and test preparation as fun and painless as possible for all of you. I believe that anything is possible with work and dedication, so let's learn together to reach your goals!


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Upcoming Sessions

Biology · Session

Genetics: Expression and Technology

This session will cover the chapters Gene Expression and Gene Technology at a high school level. It will primarily be an informational session, so I advise being prepared to take notes or screenshots, as a lot of information will be covered.

Cortni T


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Thank you for your guidance and consideration; I highly appreciate it!

Learner · 5 hr. ago

This session was amazing! I previously had started learning some of the basics of French, but I could never figure out how to pronounce half of what I was learning. This was so helpful to me for figuring out pronunciation! I have a history of trying languages and not sticking with them due to not being engaged with my method of learning, but I can tell already that I'll be sticking with French due to the engaging nature of this series (which will help build my foundation)!! I can't wait for the next session <3

Learner · 18 days ago


Learner · 14 days ago

This liaison stuff is revolutionary, I didn't know it existed before!

Learner · 18 days ago


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