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Jack R

Joined May 2022 · He/Him


Hello, my name is Jack R. I am a high school student who loves learning helping others. My favorite subjects are math and science along with competing in academic competitions. I am currently a high school sophomore focusing on AP classes. I aspire to become a biomedical researcher and am extremely interested in the world of biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and research. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have!


May 2024 - Present

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Upcoming Sessions

Summer Study Group

    3rd session

Most days we will meet and I will use a POMODORO timer where we can become more efficient studying together ⚡️I will play music at your suggestion if it is relaxing and appropriate ⚡️I can answer basic work questions if something immediate comes up ⚡️This environment is built for high focus ⚡️We will be holding each other accountable for getting something done which helps with getting work done and being super efficient 🎉More sessions added each week🎉

Jack R


Incredible POMODORO Study Spaces! || 📖📚

    20th session

Hi! These study sessions are for focus and motivation to study! This isn’t a help each out study session! It’s for learners to focus and study in a calm and relaxing environment. || There will be 2 breaks in between so the learners can get a bit time to relax until they need to start working again! 📖📚 Enjoy studying! Our tutors Currently || •Vedaa •Arjun •Aditya •Sneha •Devyani •Jack •Aarav Rules📖📚 -(This is for our tutors) I suggest most of the time don’t turn your microphone on to often because this is supposed to be quiet, and also I suggest just typing in the chat or you can turn on your microphone sometimes. If you turn on your microphone to much it may disturb the learners. -Please be kind and respectful to our tutors. -Have fun studying! 📚📖


Rashi S and 7 others


Algebra 1 FULL Course

    3rd session

Each session, we will go through 1 to 2 units from the Khan Academy Algebra 1 course. We will learn new topics and do small assessments.


Rachana G and 2 others

Registration full.

Featured Feedback


Jack's explanations and dedication to teaching are commendable. He is such an amazing tutor and I have never felt more engaged during class. Thank you for today's session!

Learner · 3 hr. ago

Thank you for this session, Jack. I hope to see you in your next session.

Learner · 6 days ago

Thank you for the session.

Learner · 5 days ago

Very friendly environment, and it's a great way to study with calming music and encouraging messages

Learner · 9 days ago


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