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Aditya T

Joined May 2022 · He/Him


Hi! I am Aditya, a high school student in Illinois. I like tutoring and learning STEM here at schoolhouse, because that is what I am most passionate about. I have always found learning and helping others learn to be very satisfying, especially those "aha moments". Joining the SHW community as a tutor has very fun experience so far. I hope to see you you guys in my future sessions! :)


Jan 2023 - Present

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Dana C
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Upcoming Sessions

Get Ready for AP Lang!

    5th session

We plan to cover some of the most important topics for AP English Language & Composition. At the end of this series, you will be more than prepared to tackle AP Lang in the fall. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a debate, or writing an essay (we will decide this together)!


Dana C and 2 others


An Introduction to APUSH

    2nd session

In this course, I will be going over all the different types of questions and essays you will encounter on the AP United States History exam. I will go over how I recommend you tackle each problem and do some practice. EDIT: I will be entertaining the idea of possibly reviewing the big themes across all the periods in APUSH. These sessions are TBD, not yet scheduled. The final decision will be made Mid-July.

Yuvraj R and Aditya T


Quadratics A-Z


I’ll cover all topics of quadratic questions. Learners should expect to participate in the lessons and come in ready to learn.

Aditya T and Aditya R


Featured Feedback


I love how interactive this course is.

Learner · 2 days ago

Thanks for the session

Learner · 2 days ago

Aditya and Jayden, you did a nice job in this session! I like that you started with the Heimler videos for the topics that you covered last session; it helps those who missed the last session or simply need a refresher catch up. It also looks like you provided the learners with a lot of good resources, such as Heimler's channel as well as the AMSCO book. When you go over MCQs, your explanations of the correct answer are thorough and understandable. However, you want to appeal the session to the learners; that is, have them talk about their process behind getting the correct/wrong answer before you do. You do still well in clearing up the learners' doubts; for example, at 1:00:31, you are clear and concise in your explanation of why the logic the learner tried to invoke didn't apply. Well done overall!

Tutor · 2 days ago

Thank you for today

Learner · 3 days ago


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