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Milan N

Joined Nov 2021 · He/Him


The most satisfying feeling is seeing someone determined succeeding. This is why I'm excited to tutor at I'm a senior in high school passionate about math and computer science, and I've finally found my community.


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Upcoming Sessions

AP® Review · Series

AP Calculus AB/BC: A 5 Made Easy

    2nd session

Along with Rohan T., I will be hosting an enrichment series on the AP Calculus AB/BC curriculum; topic by topic, and problem by problem. As 5 scorers ourselves, we know what it takes to master the content in a short amount of time. We'll review the AP Calculus AB/BC curriculum as a whole in preparation for the AP exam. It will be optimal to bring a graphing calculator (online or physical) and notebook to each session.

Milan N

3 spots left!

Featured Feedback


Good infomation, good pacing and engages all learners and uses good tech skills to present content well. Well done!

Tutor · 1 day ago

Thanks Milan! This was a really good first session, you explained the questions and concepts really well. My current AP CSP teacher explains each lesson very loosely, so I'm grateful for the opportunity to get some practice. I learned a bunch of things that I was not taught, so thanks!

Learner · 4 mo. ago

The review of content we've covered throughout the series was a good idea. Thanks for being patient throughout the session as always!

Learner · 4 mo. ago

Hey Milan! Great job on your Session. I liked how confident you were in your explanations. You created a very interactive environment for learners to ask questions and freely discuss queries. I also liked how you asked learners to explain why they chose a particular answer choice, that helps build clarity. Overall, wonderful session! Keep up the good work!

Tutor · 4 mo. ago


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