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Milan N

Joined November 2021

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The most satisfying feeling is seeing someone determined succeeding. This is why I'm excited to tutor at I'm a junior in high school passionate about math and computer science, and I've finally found my community.

What learners have to say

I really liked how the lesson was taught through an easy-to-read slideshow. The frequent practice questions along the way really helped cement what we just learned. Thank you for having such a positive and laidback attitude through it all :)

was able to finish my project because of this!

Nice work

It was easy to understand the lesson and it's clear you know the material really well with the way you answer questions.

He explains the concepts very well and engages the learners with questions and practice problems. Great lesson format and presentation.


Thank you so much for teaching me even past the time limit! I want to learn more AP Computer Science from you.

What fellow tutors have to say

Amazing job, Milan! I loved how you encouraged your learner to think critically and try activities on their own. Great going!

Great job on the session! Thank you for providing practice problems for the learners and answering all questions. Keep it up!

Hi Milan! I just audited your Live Help session. You did a nice job of asking questions of the learner so you could figure out the scope of the problem, and then guided them through it. I do feel that you almost solved the problem for them, so be aware next time that you aren't to do the problem for them. Overall, you did a nice job of helping the learner get their problem solved; they said they got the project done because of you! 🙂 Thank you for your work on schoolhouse; feel free to reach out to me (Athena Z) on schoolhouse if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further. Happy tutoring!

I love the slides and I love how you adapted the session to the amount of learners 😀 Great session


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2 Series

AP® Review · Series

AP Computer Science Principles Curriculum Walkthrough

    4th session

We'll go through each Big Idea of AP Computer Science Principles to prepare all who are taking the exam, or for those who are interested in learning the basics to computer science. Learners should try to come often as this series will follow the AP curriculum of 5 Big Ideas

Milan N


AP® Review · Series

AP Computer Science A Curriculum Preparation


We'll review the AP Computer Science A curriculum as a whole in preparation for the AP exam. Learners should try to come often, but it is not mandatory since this series is an enrichment series.

Milan N


1 Session

AP® Review · session

AP Computer Science

We'll review APCSP topics ranging from bits to the Internet

Milan N


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