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My name is Vismay and I am a Sophomore in the IB Diploma Program at Interlake High School. I have made many games in Java and currently I am making a video game in Java. I occasionally dabble in Python. I hope to help more students become interested in the world of coding.

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I think the class was pretty good overall. There were some doubts I had about the subject previously but the class helped me clarify them.

Professional young man speaks very good as a teacher, as someone would with a great deal of experience. Vismay P. is very knowledgeable about programming. I would definitely recommend this tutor. Also he shared many recourses that will be very helpful to me in my continued learning. There were 2 people in the class and attention was given to each person fairly so that each person took from the class.

Vismay was very knowledgable on the topic, and made the topic very interesting! It was fun and I learned alot

I thank Vismay P for teaching me lots about computer science.


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