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Biology • Series

Campbell Biology Course: Useful for AP Bio, IB Bio, and Olympiads

Next session on Jun 9, 2024

Mohammadamin Y and Jack R

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Series Details


The IBO Chairman hailed Campbell's biology as the "Bible" of biology. It is a fascinating book. If you love Biology, I am sure that you will enjoy it!
Campbell Biology consists of 8 UNITS and 56 Chapters. I will try to go over 1-2 chapters per week based on the potential of the class. If I see that the class needs more time to Understand the topics, I will lower the speed making it 1 chapter per 2 weeks.
Some chapters will be skipped and I will ask the students to study them independently.
Hope to see you!
Kind Regards,
Mohammadamin Y


Please do not miss 3 sessions in a row. If you are going to be absent, please inform me. Thanks!


April 11 - June 11


20 / 40

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About the Tutors

Hey! I am Mohammadamin, and I am a highschooler from Iran. I have a National Biology Olympiad medal, so hit me up if you have any bio questions!

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Hello, my name is Jack R. I am a high school student who loves learning and using what I have learned to teach others. My favorite subjects are math and science (in which I compete in academic competitions and olympiads for). Feel free to contact me with any questions you have for the topics I am certified in!

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 15


Chapter 7 in Campbell Biology. This chapter is all about the cell membrane and dives deep into the complex protein and chemical processes that enable cellular life. I will break this down into easy-to-understand segments and dive deep into the true complexity of the cell membrane. This is open to learners of all levels, beginner to advanced!

Session 16


Chapter 8 - Intro to Metabolism and Energy. This chapter is all about the energy that keeps living things moving, ATP. We will dive deep into the world of energy and reactions, and learn about how energy makes life possible. This session is open for people beginner to advanced level in Biology as we will make it simple yet cover the true complexity of life!

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