Weekly Digest

By Justin D | Monday, July 4, 2022

July 4 2022

Product Changes:

  • We have some new graphics on our blog
  • Improved some of our safety mechanisms and processes to better keep schoolhouse.world safe!

General Announcements:

  • School house was mentioned on Steve Levitt’s podcast interview with Sal.
  • Schoolhouse.world was featured in an article by LinkedIn

Engagement Data:

  • There were 717 sessions scheduled in the past week.
  • There were 152,355 learning minutes last week.
  • There were 868 total learners last week.


  • These are the tutors who hosted the most sessions in the past week. Congrats!

   1. Ethan M (21) 

   2. Shadman S (20) 

   3. Raisa R (14)

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