Weekly Digest

By Akshat S | Monday, January 24, 2022

A lot of new updates this week!

Product Changes:

  • We have a new (and simplified) logo!
  • The navbar was redesigned on both desktop and mobile to make it easier to find the pages you’re looking for.
  • The Live Help page was redesigned. Check it out!
  • The certification system was redesigned so that peer reviewing other certifications is now the final step in the process and can be done right away. This should speed up certifications for everyone going forward. Tutors can also support this system by reviewing additional videos and earning SP.

General Announcements:

  • Quarter 1 Goals can be found on our public roadmap. Our focus is to grow the number of learners on the platform.
  • Here’s a recording of last week’s Quarter 1 Goal Setting meeting.
  • We’re doing a raffle for a Schoolhouse.world sweatshirt. Refer friends to Live Help to be entered in. Visit your dashboard to learn more.
  • Study spaces are now being expanded to the GMT time zone, in addition to the PST and IST time zones!

Engagement Data:

  • There were 290 sessions scheduled in the past week.
  • There were 41,209 learning minutes last week.
  • There were 319 active learners last week.


As always, feel free to reach out at [email protected] if you have any questions!

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