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Weekly Digest

By Akshat S on July 19, 2021

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A record high number of tutoring sessions on SHW the past week!

Product Changes:

  • We improved the safety reporting options for sessions, series, comments, and messages. Look for the flag icon or go to
  • Learners are now required to select a reason for why they are withdrawing from a series.

General Updates:

  • We wanted to give a shoutout to all of our current 600+ tutors on the platform. We have grown so much from when we tutors first started to host sessions on the platform a year ago. Around that time, we were just having 10-40 sessions being scheduled every week. Now we are having 300+ sessions every week. Incredible growth!

Engagement Data:

  • There were 384 sessions scheduled in the past week. This is now our all-time high!
  • There were 123,880 learning minutes last week.
  • There are 17,352 total users on the platform.

Shoutouts: peer tutoring, for free.


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