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I am a high school student in the US who loves to teach and help others build confidence through learning. That is of course when I'm not dancing, figure skating, or practicing yoga! I have been tutoring K-8 students in all core academic classes for 2 years in both group and 1-on-1 settings. I have also expanded to tutoring high school and AP level courses for about a year. Tutoring allows me to inspire learners to grow in their academic environment, and as a whole person, which is by far, an unmatched feeling. I teach by exploring concepts in an interactive and light atmosphere. I will then work with students to practice in-context and real-world problems both during sessions and asynchronously. From there, I will measure each student's progress individually, using various checkpoints to determine the best route. Schedule a session for a fun time learning, connecting, having fun, and talking about your interests! :)

What learners have to say

I really appreciate how you took your time to go over the concepts and gave use examples to practice before going over it again. Thank you so much, the session really helped my understanding.


you were amazing! i had a good time discussing quadratics with you and i hope you will have other classes on this topic or more in the future! :)

I learnt so much, this is going to help me so much in my next academic year. I will definitely be joining more if your sessions. Also, thank you for being patient and taking your time to explain.

This was really great and she provided great feedback towards work!

I would like to attend more sessions for CBSE Class 11th. I would like to thank Minakshi Mam.

This was great! You went at just the right pace; not too slow to get bored, but not too fast to get confused! Thank yoiu

I would like to attend more sessions for CBSE class 10th. I would like to thank Minakshi Mam.

Helped me with all my doubts!!! Best teacher

What fellow tutors have to say

good job improvising lesson - Anisha

Great session today! I really liked the light nature of it and I've got some new Spanish songs to sing and new vocab as well. Thank you!

Great session! I love how you broke us up into little groups, helped me and my partner to engage more.

The test really got me to engage in the class and know how well I have understood the topic. Great session!

I really love your confidence when speaking and teaching. For me, you are a very smart and caring influencer, you know and understand what the learners want and care, i really admire you and hope to learn more from you !

She had a super great energy, I loved how she really cared about the topic, and she was very well prepared. Can't believe she is freshmen!

Thanks for introducing us to all the parts of the website, the policies and tutoring in general!


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