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The Diamond Tutor

By Temitayo J on October 27, 2023

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Recently, Yashwinder R, a tutor, attained the Diamond level on his Schoolhouse profile which means he surpassed ten thousand Schoolhouse Points. He is the first tutor to attain this feat since Schoolhouse was founded three years ago. Schoolhouse Points (SP) are awarded for attending a session (1 point), hosting a session (5 points), getting certified in a topic (10 points), completing tutor trainings (10 points), completing peer-reviews (4 points), giving session feedback (1-2 points), reviewing certifications (2 points), etc. To accumulate a lot of SP, you must be very a very active member of Schoolhouse by hosting sessions, attending sessions, and completing lots of peer reviews. Yashwinder R has both hosted and attended over 300 sessions since he became a tutor in October 2022, in addition to peer reviewing hundreds of sessions and certifications. Here is my recent interview with him:

Please do a brief introduction of yourself as a tutor at Schoolhouse. When did you join, how did you find out about Schoolhouse, and what do you tutor on the platform?

Hi! My name is Yash. I just graduated from high school and will be going to college very soon. I found Schoolhouse on MIT's website and joined in May of last year. I started tutoring Calculus and now also tutor SAT Math, and recently College Advice.

You are a very active tutor. Please describe your schedule, do you have a particular number of sessions you host and/or attend?

Typically, I host 1-2 sessions a day. I have also hosted 3 sessions in a day. Although, I haven't been very active for a while now.

What keeps you excited about SHW?

I love the Schoolhouse community. Also, it's a great place to get volunteering hours.

Describe your most memorable sessions (hosted and attended)?

The most memorable session I hosted was a Calculus session I held in December. Seven or eight learners joined and they all gave me a “super helpful” rating. So I received seven or eight “super helpfuls!”

What did you think about attaining Diamond level?

Initially, my profile didn't update to Platinum level at first so I was a bit disappointed. When I eventually saw the Diamond level, it was really satisfying!

Why do you think learners love your sessions?

I try to make sessions very interactive. I give a lot of examples and I share a lot of resources via links that are regularly updated. I also have a strict attendance policy. If learners miss more than three sessions, I remove them. I want them to take their commitment to learning seriously.

What impact has Schoolhouse had on you?

SHW has definitely helped me improve in SAT Reading and Writing and Chemistry.

Do you see yourself tutoring long term?

I definitely see myself tutoring at Schoolhouse in about five years from now but as I go on to college, I might struggle making the time commitment. If I can't do daily sessions anymore, so I'd try tutoring during the weekends.

What would you change about SHW?

Schoolhouse’s redesigned website (subworlds) is so different now. I would love to see available sessions i.e sessions currently happening at a particular time and an "Explore Tutors" page back on the new site.

Thank you Sharon V for editing this article! peer tutoring, for free.


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