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Temitayo J

Joined Oct 2022 · She/Her


Hello! I'm Temitayo, a student who's an impassioned learner. As a tutor in Schoolhouse, I'm excited to help in Math and SAT Prep, using helpful approaches, and continue developing myself.


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Upcoming Sessions

SAT® Prep · Session

SAT Mega Review Session

Hey, prospective DSAT takers! The SAT Mega Review Session is back!

If you’re taking the June DSAT tomorrow, this session is a great place to review topics (both R&W and Math) that you’ve had issues with in the past and to ask any and all questions you may have about content, test-taking strategies, and what to expect on test day!

Details TBD.

Hope to see you there!

- Co-hosts are welcome to apply, as the presence of multiple hosts will make it easier to answer questions and provide different perspectives. Co-host requests will be taken until Friday, May 24.
- Co-hosts will be expected to attend a pre-session Slack huddle on Monday, May 27, at 5:30 CDT. (Accommodations can be made for special reasons.)
- Sign-ups after Saturday, May 25, aren't as likely to have their "weakest area/concept" topic prioritized in the session.

Immanuel P and 12 others


Featured Feedback


I appreciated this session a lot! It helped me understand the ins and outs of the Digital SAT better, and I enjoyed going through questions from some of the practice tests. The hosts were kind, sharing their tips and letting everyone else explain their reasoning and strategies that worked for them. Thanks for hosting such an interactive session!

Learner · 2 mo. ago

Thank you for this session! We learned tons about the DSAT's format, went through practice problems, and there was tons of participation amongst the attendees that felt natural and comfortable. I am looking forward towards the rest of the series!

Learner · 4 mo. ago

patient with the group members and gave a lot of helpful information

Learner · 4 mo. ago

It was a lovely session, honest peer review and ideas on how to make my essay better. Thank you for a fun and informative session

Learner · 5 mo. ago


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Get to know more about Yashwinder R, the first tutor Diamond level tutor at Schoolhouse.

Temitayo J on October 27, 2023

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Learn about the smallest units of life called cells!

Temitayo J on September 5, 2023

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Stop just learning!

Discover how you can go a step beyond just learning material to embrace the knowledge you gain.

Temitayo J on May 24, 2023

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Challenges in High School with a Khan Academy Triumph

Learn about a Schoolhouse tutor's high school journey and how she overcame obstacles in her academic career!

Temitayo J on May 17, 2023 peer tutoring, for free.


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