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Using Tailored Sessions to Learn Algebra 1

By Ariel L on June 13, 2023

After the latest migration to Schoolhouse’s new system, many have found it difficult to seek personally tailored, long-term assistance, especially without our dear old friend — session requests. However, this is now a thing of the past!

Introducing Personal Goal Setting with Algebra 1

Our Team Leader/Student-Tutor Coordinator, Via I, has called together a team of tutors to provide Algebra 1 learners with the assistance they need, on a consistent basis. This includes personalized goal setting, a schedule and study plan that follows and supports YOUR growth, and tutoring sessions taught by experienced tutors.

Why should you learn with us?

When group sessions, study spaces, and library sessions don’t work, what's next? When the zoom help requests you make aren’t always taken care of, what's next? We can help! No matter if it’s a demand for consistent sessions, procrastination, feeling lost, or not having your demands met, learning with us can help! We’ve taken into account that you want learning that fits, so we provide sessions and a plan that works for you! With a schedule based on your needs, and various tutors to help you, you no longer have to feel stressed out and alone while you study. Simply follow the schedule we personalize according to the times you are available, and never worry about having to wait for help.

How do I get started?

To learn with us, contact our Team Leader and Student-Tutor Coordinator, Via I, on Slack, or Keda Via I on

How do I join the team?

To join the team, contact our Team Leader and Student-Tutor Coordinator, Via I on Slack, or Keda Via I on

Thank you to Via I and Maya B for editing this article! peer tutoring, for free.


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