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Resources for Schoolhouse Tutors

By Maya B on April 15, 2022

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All tutors at Schoolhouse range from high school students tutoring in classes they’ve excelled in to educators wanting to expand their reach. The one thing they have in common: they want to make sure every learner has a fruitful learning experience on the SHW platform. Here are some resources you as a tutor can use to further enhance your sessions!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy and Schoolhouse aren’t one and the same, but seeing as Sal Khan founded both of these organizations, they are great assets to one another. As a result, Khan Academy is and can continue to be utilized by Schoolhouse tutors, with its variety of videos, articles, and practice questions.

The SAT section has a myriad of practice questions and short tests that can be used during sessions, in addition to longer full practice tests. Moreover, many subjects are covered by KA as well, including math topics (such as Algebra 1 and Precalculus), high school science, and AP subjects (including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science).

The Google workspace can be extremely useful during SHW sessions. Google Slides and Jamboard can be used to create a presentation to better help learners visualize concepts. Keep in mind that you do not need to share your Google Slide or Jamboard with learners, but if you do, your email will be shared with whomever views the presentation.

Google Forms can be used in a multitude of ways. At the beginning of the session, this resource can be used to gather questions from learners or quiz them to gauge their understanding. At the middle or end of the session, this resource can be used to gather feedback from learners and track their improvement. For Google Forms, it is key to ensure that you do not gather crucial PII, such as learners’ last names, addresses, school names, etc (it is best to just keep answers anonymous).

Here is the official Google Drive folder tutors can use to find resources for their sessions! In it, there are templates and presentations other tutors have made.

Pear Deck is another presentation software that incorporates quick assessments and facilitates learner interactions! You can import slides you wish to present and intertwine questions on the platform. Nearpod is another website that has similar engaging features.


Games can be used during sessions to track learners’ progress in quite an engaging way! Many of the websites below, require you to make your own questions to quiz learners, but there are also games with pre-made questions.

Some websites that can be used are:

Feel free to use any of the aforementioned resources to the best of your ability to further improve your amazing sessions! Happy tutoring! peer tutoring, for free.


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