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SAT Prep Series


SAT Reading and Writing for the May DSAT

4th session

In this session, we will go over all question types for the SAT Reading and Writing section. For each section, we will look at strategies on how to approach, analyze and solve these questions. We will also have the opportunity to work on practice problems. The content covered in these sessions will be as follows:
Lesson 1:
Words in Context
Lesson 2:
Text Structure and Purpose
Cross-Text Connections
Lesson 3:
Central Ideas and Details
Command of Evidence based on - Textual and Quantitative Inferences
Lesson 4:
Form, Structure, and Sense
Lesson 5:
Rhetorical Synthesis Transitions

Qi Chen Z

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SAT R&W Prep for May/June SAT

3rd session

Are you taking the May or June SATs? Then this prep series is for you.

Each week, we will be going over strategies and practice problems for specific topics in the SAT R&W section. My goal is that you will be able to master the different types of questions on the R&W and spot out the right answers from the wrong. I will also be offering an optional Office Hours the day before each session where you can come with specific questions you have for both R&W and the Math and go through them with me.

I have designed this series to be more for higher scorers (low 600s-low 700s). If you are not in this score range, you can still sign up but just keep that in mind.

Studying for the SAT, like anything else, is a fight with yourself. Actively participate in this series and prove to yourself that you can score that 800 that you wanted.

Jimin H

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Digital SAT Complete Advanced Review Course

7th session

This course is designed for high-achieving students aiming to push their SAT scores to the next level. We'll be focusing on the toughest official SAT questions from the CollegeBoard's difficult level category.

In this series, we dive deep into the challenges presented by both the Math and English sections of the SAT. Ria will be hosting the Reading & Writing portion, and Isha will be hosting the Math portion. We will guide you through advanced strategies, shortcuts, and comprehensive approaches tailored to those scoring 750 or above. Everyone is welcome, but please keep in mind that we'll be moving at an accelerated pace.

Whether you're aiming to boost your score for college admissions or seeking a competitive edge for scholarship opportunities, this series will provide the advanced practice necessary to help achieve your goals.

Isha B


Digital SAT Reading & Writing Prep | With 99+ Percentile Scorers !! 🎉

9th session

This series covers the EBRW section of the Digital SAT using Khan Academy. We'll discuss how to tackle each type of question and practice them. Time-saving strategies for maximizing your score will be covered.

Helena C

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DSAT Reading Central Ideas and Inferences


We will walk through how to tackle specific types of questions within the "Information and Ideas" domain of SAT reading. These questions include finding the main idea, making inferences, choosing the right evidence, etc.

Dickson T


SAT Cram Session

6th session

Hello, this is a series to cover all your general questions about SAT. We will start each week with a new topic and go up the ladder in difficulty of questions for that topic. We will alternate between math and reading every week. If you have any questions, feel free to drop it in the session

As someone who took the DSAT, I know that it is a novel yet frightening experience both for new SAT takers and the past paper test takers. When I was taking the DSAT, guides are scarce but thankfully, I know a few tips and tricks which enabled me to thankfully get a 1540.

This will be a fast paced course as we will be going from beginner to advanced level questions on every topic. There will be a 10 minute break each session as each session runs for 90 minutes.

This course is especially designed for May 4th test takers. But of course, everyone is welcome!

Jason T


Digital SAT Prep | With 99+ Percentile Scorers !! 🎉


This series covers both Math & EBRW section of the Digital SAT. We'll discuss how to tackle each type of question and practice them. Time-saving strategies for maximizing your score will be covered. The sessions will alternate between EBRW and Math.

Helena C


SAT Prep Sessions


Thursday, April 18

  • Writing Section: Grammar Tips and Tricks

11:00 PM - 11:40 PM

We will go over some simple tips for how to nail the writing Section of the SAT!

Abby C