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Reading and Writing





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Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Reading and Writing Series


Word of the Day for 365 Days!

71st session

New learners are always welcome! In this series, there are two sessions every single day for a whole year! We have one in the morning and one in the evening, you can pick which of those you want to attend based on your schedule. How it works: We go over the pronunciation, definition, synonyms and antonyms, origin, (and maybe some fun facts) and how to use the word in a sentence. There is always a super fun Kahoot about the word. Then we have idiom of the day where we introduce a new idiom, it's meaning, and how it's used in a sentence. Then, at the very end, we have two quotes of the day! They may be inspirational, or funny, or both! I hope to see you there! These sessions are perfect for expanding your vocabulary.

Brooke M


Reading and Writing

2nd session

Hi, my name is Neha, and I am really excited to help you develop writing and reading skills this summer. I believe that the knowledge and tips I can bring to the table will be really beneficial in the area of literature. 😀

Neha Y

1 spot left!

Crash Course on Style Analysis Essays

4th session

We will practice writing some of the FRQs with writing prompts from the AP Lang exam. We will be focusing on the style analysis aspect of the exam. We will go over some of the MCQs on the AP Lang exam and some strategies in approaching them. They will be helpful if you are taking the exam or just in general for reading comprehension. In order to give more personalized feedback, the number of max learners has been limited to 5.

Joy L

Registration closed.

'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck's novella analysis

2nd session

We'll go over the themes and the characters of the novella and if there's time, delve into writing an essay about it.

Jenelle F


Summer AP Lang: Prep / Essay Tips

5th session

Each week, we'll progress through information that will help prepare you for AP Lang. We'll start with background and move through the essays, MCQs and general tips / prep.

Dylan R

1 spot left!

☀️Summer Book Club☀️

9th session

📚 Welcome to our Summer Book Club! Jump into a world of books from the comfort of your own home! Join us for fun talks, interesting ideas, and exciting stories. Whether you love reading or want to find new books, our online class is a place where book lovers come together to enjoy reading. 😊 We'll explore classic tales, popular books, and hidden gems as we go on a reading adventure together. Get ready to learn and have fun this summer! 🌞 RECENT UPDATE: We are starting a new book NOW so anyone can join :D

Aneesh M


🎭 Theatrical Tales: Explore Famous Plays 🎭

8th session

Step into the exciting world of theater with "Theatrical Tales: Explore Famous Plays" 🎭. In this cool online class, we'll check out awesome plays to see what makes them so special. From old-school Shakespeare 📜 to modern hits, we'll dig into the stories, characters, and all the juicy stuff that makes these plays unforgettable. 🎭 I have read a lot of plays in my time and I am super into drama and teaching, so we're in for a fun ride! Get ready for fun talks, cool activities, and maybe even some acting. Plus, we'll learn how to think and talk about plays like pros. 🤓 🎥 Whether you're a theater fan or just curious, "Theatrical Tales" is the place to be. Come join the fun and let's explore some amazing stories together! 🎟️🌟

Aneesh M


Literary Analysis of a Short Story -- "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker


In this series, we'll read Alice Walker's famous short story "Everyday Use." Then we'll learn about important literary concepts such as plot, dialogue, and characterization and apply them to the story. Come ready to discuss the story with other learners!

Claire A


Essay Alchemy: Mastering Rhetoric in AP Language & Composition

5th session

Hello all! I am an incoming senior who scored a 5 on the APLang exam this year, and I am confident in helping everyone unlock their full potentials to succeed, especially in essay writing. It is my goal for this series to leave you all as strong and eloquent writers. Lets achieve your dream APLang score together!

Mandy J


IELTS Essentials: Strategies and Targeted Practice


Hello learners! In this series, we will go over the tips and strategies that I found useful and which helped me secure an overall band of 8.5 in my IELTS test. We will then try to apply these strategies by doing practice questions. There will be approximately 2 sessions every week. One will focus on strategies and their application, and the other will be targeted practice. I will be adding sessions to this series based on what topics learners need more assistance in (for example, Writing). Be prepared to have lots of fun experimenting with different strategies to see what works best for you. Hope to see you there!

Hafizah N

1 spot left!

Harry Potter - Reading Comprehension & Fluency

18th session

This is a series requested by WeiZhen H. where we will focus on reading comprehension and fluency through the Harry Potter book series. Anyone interested is welcome! English as a Second Language friendly... don't hesitate to join us! It's not our first language either! :)

Iman K

6 spots left!

R&W: Office hours and studying


Have a question about English grammar and structure? Want to go over your writing together to see how to improve analysis, form, and get to the bottom of how to write an effective essay? Or do you want a motivating study space where fellow learners are working, and there is always a tutor present to answer any questions?

Mar G


The Official Reading and Writing Game Night Series II

20th session

Hello, all members of the R&W Subworld, welcome to the weekly game night series! This series will be hosted twice a week at 7 PM EST on Friday and 7 AM EST on Sunday to reach more learners around the world. You may join as many sessions as you want, just remember to enjoy yourself! This series will be a little bit different from our first official game night ( Every week, we will have a topic for the game, ranging from literature to movies, and our games will be based on these topics; I am open to suggestions! We will play various of creative games like Garticphone,, Gimkit, and more! This will be a great place to make friends and get to know the moderators better! We are not those behind-the-scene scary-masked rulers...but cheerful outgoing people that want to know you better also!

Joseph Z

12 spots left!

Summer Poetry Club!

5th session

Read, analyze, and discuss some astounding poetic masterpieces (as well as lesser-known works) from writers throughout history! First session is June 22.

Kaci L

1 spot left!

Poetry: Beyond The Lines


This series on poetry ✍️✍️ is designed to help you find your voice and create powerful statements. Together, we will explore where to draw inspiration and discover your unique voice 🎤🎤 and style... ...We will also learn how to avoid🚫 clichés and forced rhymes. We will be exploring various poetry forms and, ultimately, learn how to build an online presence. In this course, we will focus on writing with passion 💪 rather than adhering to strict meter. Thus, we will not be exploring the traditional side of poetry, it will be more about conveying and understanding deeper meanings... All levels are welcome, as long as you come with an open mind and are ready to learn, share, and interact 🙂🙂

Nitya B

2 spots left!

Get Ready for AP Lang!

4th session

We plan to cover some of the most important topics for AP English Language & Composition. At the end of this series, you will be more than prepared to tackle AP Lang in the fall. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a debate, or writing an essay (we will decide this together)!

Dana C


Harry Potter - Reading Comprehension & Fluency 2

7th session

This is a series requested by a couple of learners who are unable to make the times for the same series I'm hosting at a separate time. We will focus on reading comprehension and fluency through the Harry Potter book series. Anyone interested is welcome! English as a Second Language friendly... don't hesitate to join! It's not my first language either! :)

Iman K

1 spot left!

Practicing reading

2nd session

We'll go through some interesting sections of different extracts and discuss those to check your understanding.

Tashya F


Non-fiction Book Club


Welcome to the book club! We will read a non-fiction book twice a week. I have selected two books that we'll read and discuss together over the sessions! Both books are science non-fiction. The books are very well written and have awesome reviews. We will be doing popcorn reading, so be ready to read! 1st book: The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee. 2nd book: The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee.

Aditya T


Schoolhouse Writing Center

18th session

A space to share your writing and get feedback and peer suggestions! Each week will be the same format, and any (English-language) writing you want feedback on is eligible!

Maggie F

Registration full.


4th session

Every week, we will go over not commonly used words that often appear in classical books or potentially in the SAT. In every session, we will have learned at least a few new words and review words previously learned. Some examples of words that you will learn are: abysmal, counteract, eloquent, repudiate, and so many more! Come join us to learn their meanings and to know how to use them in sentences!

Alina J

5 spots left!

Essay Writing and Grammar

4th session

Each week, we'll work on improving our writing and grammar skills. After the first few sessions, students will begin writing their own essays (dependent on their grade level and English level).

Anvi S

3 spots left!

Summer Crash Course for Essay Writing/Writing In General/AP Language and Composition

6th session

Basically when we meet a couple tutors will look over writing, give writing tips and some tips for essays in AP Lang.

Thrista V

Registration full.

💫📃Intro to Essay Writing: Everything you Need to Succeed Version 2📃💫

6th session

Twice a week, we'll go over the steps to writing powerful and noteworthy essays by breaking essay writing into chunks and engage in fun exercises to build stronger academic writing. We will create an essay together with a topic of your choice and also sample a variety of topics through practice exercises. There are 10 total sessions that span over 5 weeks. Let me know if you are interested in participating, but the times and/or dates don't work out for you. I may be willing to make an adjustment!

Amanda O

2 spots left!

Reading and Writing Sessions


Tuesday, July 23

  • 9th Grade Reading & Vocabulary (Requested by a Learner)

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

This session was requested by a specific learner, but anyone may join! We'll be going over some Grade 9 Reading and Vocabulary.

Margaret S


Friday, August 2

  • Grammar Grooming

5:15 PM - 6:45 PM

In this engaging session, we will delve into three crucial areas of language learning: effective reading, vocabulary building, and grammar mastery. Participants will start with guided reading activities designed to improve comprehension and analytical skills. We will then move on to strategies for learning and retaining new words, including contextual usage and memory techniques, aimed at expanding learners' vocabulary in a practical and lasting way. The session will also feature interactive exercises and quizzes to help participants identify and correct common grammatical errors. By the end of the session, learners will have a solid understanding of how to approach reading materials critically, utilize new vocabulary confidently, and apply grammar rules accurately in their writing and speech. This comprehensive approach ensures that participants not only gain knowledge but also develop the practical skills needed for effective communication.

shalya m