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Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

History Series


High School United States History

25th session

This series is composed of all the topics typically taught in both a U.S History I and II. So, we are going to be covering the entirety of the history of the United States, form 1491 to the present.

We will be covering the following periods:
--US History I--
-World Collisions (1491-1607)
-The Colonial Americas (1607-1754)
- Roadmap to Revolution (1754-1800)
-*CURRENT ERA* The Early Republic (1800-48)
-The Civil War Era (1844-77)
-The Gilded Age (1865-98)

--US History II--
-Rise to World Power (1890-1945)
-The Postwar Era (1945-80)
-The Modern Era (1980-2024)

Jeremy L


AP Human Geography prep Part 2 🌍 (Units 4-7)

4th session

Each week we'll go over the latter 4 units of our curriculum, (units 4-7), but I can surely make some changes according to your needs and wishes!

Alp B


AP History FRQ Crash Course

3rd session

Have an AP History exam coming up and want to review for the FRQs? You're in the right place!

The DBQ, SAQ, and LEQ make up the FRQ portion for three of the AP History exams. In this series, we'll go over the rubrics, some tips, and do a bunch of practice! If you’re taking the AP World, APUSH, or AP Euro exams in May, I’d highly recommend joining, as the general skills for the writing section are the same across all three exams.

If you’ve attended both of my series in the past on this topic, it’s the same format :)

Ariana N

2 spots left!

Ultimate AP World History Review

7th session

You can get a 5 on the AP World Exam - and it's not hard!

In this series, I'm going to guide you through the contents in the College Board AP World History CED to help you master your knowledge of this course. I will also give you the way to structure and write proper College Board style SAQs, LEQs, and DBQs so that you earn all the points while still being on top of time management.

This series is specifically tailored for the AP WH exam on May 15th. If you aren't committed and willing to spend the time and effort to getting that 5, this isn't for you. I know how overwhelming it might seem especially if you don't know how to write like how the College Board wants you to, and that's why I'm here to help you succeed.

Hope to see you guys soon!

Jimin H

1 spot left!

Ultimate APUSH Review

3rd session

You can get a 5 on the APUSH exam - and it's not hard!

Do you feel unprepared for your APUSH exam on May 10th? Do you need a brush up on a topic or just don't really know how to properly tackle a FRQ? Whatever the case may be, it might seem to be a daunting task.

In this series, I'm going to simplify that for you. Every session, I will be reviewing a unit on the College Board APUSH CED while also giving you instruction on how to properly write FRQ responses.

My goal is to elevate you to a solid 5 on the AP exam though a small group environment; I hope you're as ambitious and willing as well. Hope to see you soon!

Jimin H

3 spots left!

From Blitz to Victory: A Journey Through WW2

10th session

Hey guys, so happy you're interested in joing us! History nerd or not I hope to teach you all something about WW2 and hopefully have some fun on the way. I do love Kahoots and quizzes and stuff, so that'll be included when it's feasible.

Also, this is also a discussion based course and I rely a lot on what students want to learn, skip over what most people know, etc. - so if there's anything you want to discuss or even teach me about please let me know because Im always interested in listening.

Sia S


Ask Me Anything! (AP World History and AP US History)

2nd session

Hey everyone! I know AP season is creeping up on us. (I can definitely feel it personally.) Instead of hosting a structured series, I plan on allowing you to ask all kinds of questions that you have. I will do my best to answer every single one. If you have any questions, please DM me on Schoolhouse. Hope to see everyone there!

NOTE: This series is only for AP World History and AP US History questions.

Immanuel P


The World At War

4th session

Hey there, and I'm so glad that you are interested in learning more about the World Wars! Each week, we will review World War 1 and 2 topics and how different events led to the Wars. We will have sessions every Tuesday and Friday, and there will be Gimkits or Kahoots after each lesson at each session:) See you there!

Alina J

2 spots left!

AP European History Content & Writing Review

6th session

We'll be reviewing content from each unit of the AP European History CED. At the end of the series, we'll do a review for each period.

We can review the content through notes and by practicing the general skills needed for many of the AP History exams (MCQs, SAQs, LEQs, DBQs, etc).

All are welcome to join!

Ariana N

Registration full.

AP world history exam crash course!

8th session

Hi everyone! I am an AP world History 5 scorer and A+ AP world history student!!! I hope to help you prepare for the exam filtering the information that you learned in school to what exactly you need to know for the exam! Also we will be covering the essentials for the DBQ, LEQ and SAQs. Plus tips and tricks for the multiple choice!

Thrista V

Registration full.

Indian History - Civilization to Modern Day

3rd session

We'll be going over many topics topics this series starting off with the earliest civilizations in India and going all the way up to modern day!

--> The Early Civilizations
--> The Ancient Period
--> The Medieval Period
--> The Modern Age [Until now]

We will be meeting twice a week - Monday and Saturday. You should research some topics prior to the sessions and speak about it too!

Geetha S

1 spot left!

History Subworld Community Events

3rd session

Embark on a journey through the past with our History Subworld's Community Event series! Each month, we will host a number of community based sessions. Join us for lectures, workshops, tours, games, and hands-on activities, and connect with the past in meaningful ways.

Ria D


Rise of Civilizations


Welcome! This is a pre-AP course. In this series, you will learn about how civilizations rose from the Neolithic Era. THIS SERIES WILL BE RUN AS IF WE ARE IN A SCHOOL BUILDING SO PREP YOURSELF 'CAUSE IT WILL BE FUN!!!

Ryan M


U.S. History Focus Group

3rd session

Every Wednesday we will be discussing a different Unit from the US History Course on Khan Academy. This series is meant for only a small number of people so that I can help give y'all a little bit more personalized help with your History questions.

Brooke M

Registration full.

APHG Review & Prep Series (U1 -7) ৻( •̀ ᗜ •́ ৻)

2nd session

Hi! My name is Saffron and I am a tutor here at SHW! During this series, we will review each unit of APHG. Along with this review, we will also prepare for the May AP Exam (MCQ/FRQ tutorials, walkthroughs, and practice). ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

I took this course last year and had an A in the class. I also got a 5 on the AP exam. I hope that this series will help you achieve your geography potential! Do not worry if you are self-studying or do not have any prior knowledge, as we will cover it all in this series :DDD

🌏 Unit 1: Thinking Geographically

✨ Unit 2: Population and Migration Patterns and Processes

🌏 Unit 3: Cultural Patterns and Processes

✨ Unit 4: Political Patterns and Processes

🌏 Unit 5: Agriculture and Rural Land-Use Patterns and Processes

✨ Unit 6: Cities and Urban Land-Use Patterns and Processes

🌏 Unit 7: Industrial and Economic Development Patterns and Processes

I am also creating a master resource document that will include the best reviews, channels, and videos. It will be linked here:

Saffron S