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History Help



Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

History Series


APUSH Summer Review (for Ananya)

7th session

I'll create a tailored experience for Ananya so she can reach her goal of getting a 5 on the APUSH Exam.

Olamide A

Registration closed.

An Introduction to APUSH

2nd session

In this course, I will be going over all the different types of questions and essays you will encounter on the AP United States History exam. I will go over how I recommend you tackle each problem and do some practice. EDIT: I will be entertaining the idea of possibly reviewing the big themes across all the periods in APUSH. These sessions are TBD, not yet scheduled. The final decision will be made Mid-July.

Yuvraj R


AP U.S. Government and Politics Summer Preview

2nd session

Over the course of these sessions we'll go over various topics such as brief previews of the course's units and testing strategies to prepare you to take this course and the AP exam. I encourage you to please bring any questions you may have! I am very excited to start this series!

Bella D


The Engines of World History

2nd session

The most essential part of an AP History course is understanding trends, changes, and consistencies in history among nations and regions. Several times per week, we will conduct in-depth explorations of specific key topics in World History, such as Religion, Trade, Taxation, Bureaucracy, Propaganda, State Centralization, Nationalism, Colonialism, Art/Literature, and more. From 1200 to the modern day, we will cover these topics across various eras and empires, employing numerous historical analysis tools that you will utilize in your essays. There will be no memorization of dates or random historical figures; instead, we will focus on studying the Engines of history. We will also cover how do incorporate these ideas in Essays and free response questions. Participation will be expected through either chat or microphone, cameras are not required but are highly encouraged.

Michael F


AP U.S. Government and Politics Preview/Tips!!


Over the course of these sessions we'll go over various topics such as brief previews of the course's units and testing strategies to prepare you to take this course and the AP exam. I encourage you to please bring any questions you may have! I am very excited to start this series!

Bella D


APUSH study group

2nd session

I have taken the APUSH Exam this year and have got a 5. I believe that APUSH doesn't require knowledge of the material, but also complex analyzing and synthesis skills that I want to teach the students. I also want to introduce students to fun ways of memorizing APUSH material. This series is not limited to just APUSH students, it's open to anyone who has an interest and wants to learn!

Yashmmit K


APUSH War Wednesdays


Prep for your upcoming APUSH school year with a 5-scorer! I will go over 10 important war/conflicts you'll need to know. You will gain insight on the context of the war, the cause, major events, important figures, and the effects etc. I might also host a Kahoot game at the end of each session if time allows! Session every Wednesday via slideshows. Note-taking recommended and join whatever session that interests you. See you there :)

Andy Y


APUSH Starter Course


We will cover the first 3 Units of APUSH going from the pre-colonial period to the American Revolution and the formation of the early republic. In total this should cover about 20-31% of your score when taking the test so it's a great opportunity to get a head start on a course that requires lots of memorization. We will also practice short answer questions as well as multiple choice questions. For the document based questions we will review examples and see how to formulate your responses. Lastly we will be doing a practice long essay question.

Arisleny B


Intro to AP Euro


A fun course covering the basics of AP European History! We’ll go over DBQ/LEQ/SAQ formats, a basic overview of topics that will be covered, and questions anyone has about the AP test. At the end of the series, you’ll feel more confident about taking the class.

Janie Y


US History Topics

5th session

Our classes will mostly be based on lecture, focusing on the 1700s to the early 1900s. Due to our short time, I will go over the biggest events that happened and the ones that you should remember. I would recommend taking notes during our sessions.

Joy L


History: Office Hours and Studying

2nd session

Have a question about a confusing history topic? Want to go over your writing together to see how to improve analysis, form, and get to the bottom of how to write an effective paper? Or do you want a motivating study space where fellow learners are working, and there is always a tutor present to answer any questions?

Mar G


AP U.S. Government and Politics

2nd session

Each week we will go over the unit curriculum of AP U.S. Government and Politics

Hasini M


AP World Summer Prep

3rd session

I received a 5 on the 2023 AP World History exam, so you're in good hands! Each session we will cover a variety of topics, from the formatting of the exam to important essay tips for the SAQs, LEQs, and DBQs. If you are unfamiliar with any of those, do not fear! We will go over ALL OF THEM! :D This class is usually one of the first AP classes the average high schooler takes. While it may seem daunting at first, I can assure you that the key to consistently doing well on practice exams is often formulaic, and is not as complicated as it seems. My ultimate goal is for you to at least walk away with some of the tools you need to excel during your first few months of class. I look forward to meeting you all. MEETINGS EVERY SATURDAY

Jisha B


History Writing 101


Want to improve your writing for short-answer and DB questions? In this series, we will go over the basics of analytical writing, breaking down the structure and understanding how to craft a strong piece that will let you score high. Every week we will be looking at a different section, starting from the thesis and argument development.

Mar G


Get Ready for AP Human Geo!

6th session

Each week, we'll go over one unit of APHG with Q&A sessions being hosted in between. This session will require involvement on your part, so please be prepared to unmute your mics (no cameras needed), and with that, let's get rolling!

Jayden K


AP World History Summer Preview

4th session

Each week, we’ll go over a preview of the different units of AP world history. Even though the series has already started feel free to still join. Will be adding more sessions as series progresses :)

Aditya T


Intro to APUSH MCQ and FRQ


Each week, we'll go over the different writing formats and multiple choice section used in AP History classes to get a head start! These tips and tricks can be applied to ANY AP History class.

Sara I


AP macroeconomics full course

2nd session

Hi guys! In this series, we will go over all the units in AP macroeconomics. In each sessions, we will go over different contents in AP macroeconomics, and provide some tips on how to get a 5 on the exam.

Kiki X


APUSH year round study group!

2nd session

Each week we will go over and practice topics from APUSH.

Aditya T

Registration full.

(Year Round) Crash Course into AP World History


Hi everyone! Will you be taking AP World History: Modern this year? By joining our series, you will review with us until the AP Exam in May! We will do our best to give you a strong understanding of AP World so you can succeed in the class, and pass the exam! Most of the time, we will cover each unit in 2-3 sessions as there is a lot of information to go over. After we go over a unit, we will spend the next session going over MCQs (multiple-choice questions) on the unit. As our series goes on, we will teach you how to properly write LEQs (long-essay questions), DBQs (document-based questions), and SAQs (short-answer questions), and you will also be given the opportunity to work through them! Alex and I will give you feedback on how to improve them, and teach you how to adhere to the rubric to gain as many points as possible! If you have any questions, please do not be afraid to ask! We are here to assist you with anything! Please keep in mind that the times and dates may be subject to change! We plan on adding more sessions as needed considering how this series is supposed to run from the summer to the exam!

Iman K


APUSH: Unit 1


In this introductory course, we will go over the contents of Unit 1 of AP United States History and learn about important components of the exam in May. You do not need any prior knowledge on the APUSH curriculum to join this series.

Christine P


Name origin of the days of the week, the twelves months, and the twelve Chinese years

2nd session

Who is Friday named after? Why is October the tenth month yet "octo" means eight? Why is the rat the first Chinese year and the cat is not on the list? My dearest knowledge seekers, In this series, I shall go through all their name origins, and not just the word, but also the mysterious story behind them. In each session, we will learn about one day of the week, one or two months, and one or two Chinese years. In every session, we will combine different activities with the main material. We will research what they are called in other languages and what are some significant meanings that they have in other cultures. From time to time, we will also play different games for review! Now, what are you still waiting for, come with me and start on this amazing journey!!!

Joseph Z


Tutor Onboarding!


New and prospective tutors, welcome to the History subworld! We're so excited to have you here✨ Feel free to join this onboarding session, currently hosted by our subworld moderators, to learn more about volunteering at Schoolhouse, get some helpful tutoring tips, and to answer any questions you have about tutoring. More information to come soon👀

Ariana N


Ancient History Study Group

2nd session

Every week we will go over a chosen topic (by learner nomination) in ancient history and discuss together This series will not be structured in a lecture style and won’t have “lessons” but will have class discussions with materials I find beforehand. We will focus on having fun learning about the cool history of our ancient ancestors!!! Please DM me if you have any topics!

Jack R


History Sessions


Wednesday, July 24

  • AP Human Geography Overview

1:00 AM - 2:00 AM

I plan to go through an overview of AP Human Geography. I want to introduce some of the key concepts of the course and see if anyone is interested in learning them in series sessions.

Samarth J


Thursday, July 25

  • Intro to AP World History ‧₊˚✩彡

12:00 AM - 12:30 AM

We'll go over what units are on the exam and the exam structure/format. I will also be sharing some tips + online resources that helped me score a 5 on the exam and helped me when reviewing for tests in my AP world class!! This session is designed for students who are planning to take the exam next May during AP exams and have no prior experience with AP history exams.

helen h