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Geometry Help



Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Geometry Series


Mastering Trigonometry

4th session

This will be a 7-day series during which we will explore each sub-topic in Unit 5 of the trigonometry course. The series will feature an informative slideshow encompassing all essential concepts for a geometry class. Furthermore, we will engage in various practice problems to establish a strong foundation.

Meet R


Complete Summer Geometry Course

15th session

This will be a summer course covering geometry, hopefully this will help you review or prepare for next school year! We will use Khan Academy's High School Geometry for the majority of the time along with other resources. Disclaimer - This series only covers geometry in a regular high school geometry course. More advanced geometry in higher levels of math are not covered. Navigate to the Pre-Calculus/Calculus or Algebra 2 subworlds if you need help on those. Course Information: []( What you’ll get: - Around 25-30 hours of tutoring using Khan Academy's geometry courses along with other resources - Practice problems each session How it works: Concept Review - 3x Every Week (1 Topic Each Session) - Recap previous session topic - Introduction to that session's topic - In-depth explanation of the topic - Practice problems to develop mastery Catch-up/Q&A Sessions If Needed - Get personalized support for any topics/questions you need to be covered - Dedicated time for addressing individual concerns - Extra sessions will be added if more coverage is needed Occasional Night/Evening Sessions - For those who cannot make the afternoon session that day Click on the link above for more info.

Doreen L

1 spot left!

!!! Ultimate Geometry Crash Course !!!


🔥🔥Need help with Geometry? Want to get ahead in the classroom? Don't worry, as this series has got you covered. In these sessions, we will cover everything one needs to know about Geometry - from triangle congruences to the foci of a parabola, you name it. And also, there will be two bonus classes at the very end to help you get ready for Algebra 2.🔥🔥

Utkarsh J


Geometry Overview Before the School Year


School is starting soon! How exciting! An in-depth review before the new year would be great for any of you geometry learners. Whether you are tackling through an honors course, regents exam, or tough currciulum, this series is perfect for you. It will cover all 9 units based off the Khan Academy Course. Each session will feature an informative Google Slides Presentation filled with diagrams, practice problems, and everything you will need to succeed.

Aarnav G


Geometry Sessions



  • Intro to Right Triangles & Trigonometry.

11:00 PM - 12:30 AM

We will be studying right triangles, and spend time on the basics of trigonometry.

Riya G