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Enrichment Series


Mathcounts: Starting with School and Crossing Chapter

6th session

This session happens for 3 weeks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We'll cover three weekly topics that are most commonly seen on Mathcounts school, chapter, and early state. This session is designed for those trying to make state in chapters that don't have a 40+ cutoff, but anyone can feel free to join! You should have a good grasp on at the very least algebra 1 and prealgebra with some geometry recommended.

Shanaya P

1 spot left!

Enrichment Sessions


Sunday, August 4

  • Why Competition Math is for Everyone

12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

Seminar: Why Competition Math is for Everyone

In this session, I'll reflect on my experience with competition math and explore the lessons we can learn from it—and why those lessons are valuable for all. Competition math can help you build skills that are useful for things beyond competitions, skills ranging from technical to general. Regardless of how you might feel about math (let alone math competitions), there’s something for you to learn.

About me: Kaleb has loved math for as long as he can remember and has been doing competition math since elementary school. He’s qualified for USAMO, placed top 10 at BMT and SMT Individual Rounds, and been on the Distinguished Honor Roll for multiple AMCs. Kaleb enjoys helping others with math and has worked with hundreds of students as a coach for a local middle school math team and as a volunteer here on Schoolhouse. Though he’s mocked nearly every AMC 8/10/12, it’s still exciting for him to see how suddenly and creatively solutions to tough problems can be found. Kaleb also loves music and philosophy—he plays cello, possesses some (rather shaky) piano skills, and has a reading list that’s way too long to be finished.

Kaleb S