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Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Enrichment Series


Integrated Math 1 Crash Course

12th session

We're going to cover basics of geometry and algebra 1 in one series, as well as an honors section and a lot of learning incoming!

Agastya S


Introductory German

10th session

Hallo! Willkommen! In this series we will explore the German language and culture through reading, writing, listening, and speaking German. This series is for those with none to little experience. So, if you ever wanted to learn German, this series is for you. We will start from the very basics and work our way up to understanding and utilizing basic German.

Claire S

2 spots left!

Mandarin: The "How", Not "What"

8th session

This series is designed for learners with ANY level of Mandarin skills, from 0 to almost fluent. Why is that? Because instead of teaching you vocab, grammar rules, and pronunciation tips, I’ll be telling you the best ways to learn Mandarin so you can figure those out yourself. This series is best when combined with a systematic/traditional course on Mandarin (you can find those on YouTube, or even if you’re taking one in school), but it’s completely fine if you just want to listen to me talk. There will be weekly lessons and bi-weekly office hours. In the lessons, we’ll be going over each of the different methods. In the office hours I’ll be helping you out with whatever you bring. It could be your Mandarin homework, a passage you don’t understand fully, or a grammar rule you’re confused about. If you wish, you could also just chat with me in Mandarin to improve your pronunciation or comprehension skills! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or message me. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Ariel L


Creative writing club

4th session

This series focuses in on unlocking the writer in you. Gets you out of a writing road block as we will have fun prompt and create short stories. We'll talk and laugh with one another as we connect through writing. Goal is for us to support one another as writers and to have someone publish their book. ( open to all )

Samantha P


Intermediate Chinese

50th session

This course is for students who want to improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension skills. It is not lecture-based and consists primarily of students' practice. There will be a lot of repetitions in order to enhance the memory of the words and phrases. We will use Discovery Chinese and some other textbooks, but you do not need to buy them. We will mainly use simplified Chinese characters but may show some traditional Chinese characters to expand the learning. Students must set up their computers to enable PinYin to type Chinese characters while attending the class. I will add more sessions as we go.

Lynn C

Registration closed.

Intro to Filmmaking

2nd session

Each week we'll go through all the basics of filmmaking, from screenwriting to hiring actors on Backstage!

Joana R


Business Basics & Economics Essentials

6th session

Join us to learn economics and business content through real-world connections! Consider joining this series if you are interested in... 1. Learning and discussing current events 2. Boosting your creativity and leadership skills 3. Thinking about the future and taking steps to be a part of it 4. Self-studying economics content and receiving extra support (click [here]( for a helpful resource) 5. Participating in the design process 6. Looking to pursue your passions and interests by starting your own project/business Think of this series as your studio, where you will build your creative tool kit with all the skills you need. You already have what it takes to be an innovator, so let’s get to work!

Ina N


Critical Thinking [Oxford University Oxplore & TSA Section 2 Prompts]


Each session, we will go through one topic. Examples: - Would a world in which no one ever experienced disappointment be better or worse than the world as it is? [Oxford University Thinking Skills Assessment Section 2 (Philosophy, Politics & Economics)] - Should everyone be paid the same? [, a free educational website created by the University of Oxford designed to allow anyone to engage with complex ideas across a wide range of subjects] Why join? - If you are applying to a UK university, there you go! The most important thing UK universities look for in their interviews, arguably may be critical thinking. - Even if you are applying to an internship, another university or heading straight to the workplace, critical thinking unleashes a lot and it is a necessary and highly valued skill.

Jil S


Reading and Discussion Group

8th session

Hi, everyone! This series is a fun opportunity to explore different genres of literature and read anything you please. We will meet to discuss and participate in various activities (writing, drawing, debates, presentations, etc.). Reading material will be free and provided digitally for your convenience as well! Feel free to check out the [website ]( created to help with this! :)

Ina N


Intro to Spanish

7th session

We will learn the basics of Spanish with the 4 pillars of a language; speaking, listening, writing, and reading, with a large focus on speaking. If you are headed into Spanish one, want to review, or are just excited about learning Spanish, this is for you!

Charlotte M


Spanish for Beginners and Intermediate Learners!

17th session

Hello Everyone! Are you planning on taking Spanish next year? If so, then this is the place for you! In this session, we will be working on grammar, speaking, listening, and reading in Spanish! There will be two types of sessions: one for beginners and one for intermediate students.  Beginners: Beginner students will be able to get a thorough insight into the Spanish curriculum. Beginners will work on the present tense, basic grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, and, at the end of the series, we will try some speaking. Your meetings will be on Saturdays for 1 hour. Intermediate: Intermediate students are expected to know the present tense and basic vocab words. We will be working on different tenses such as: the preterite, imperfect, present subjunctive & the future tense. Additionally, we will be doing reading, grammar, writing, listening, and speaking during our sessions. You meetings will be on Sundays for 1 hour. NOTE: I would like to let all the learners know that I will be speaking in Spanish throughout all our sessions. This may seem intimidating, but it is a great way to learn!

Diya R


General High School Math/Science Study Group

74th session

Each participant will present general math/Science problems from their school homework and we will work on them collectively.

Tei K

Registration closed.

Speech and Debate Club

3rd session

This is a club that is part of the Summer camp 2024 with me Brooke M, Jack R, and our other co-hosts

Jason W

3 spots left!

✨ 🌌 Astronomy 101!


Each (bi-weekly) session we’ll go over a new topic in Astronomy! You can expect to learn at least 1 new thing every class, do short/small presentations some classes, and even create your own alien! (Details coming soon) 👽 ☄️🌟 Let’s get our telescopes ready and look towards the night sky! 🌌 Note: I will allow co-hosting just in case I am unable to continue this series, however I will only be selecting a few!

Sadhana G

2 spots left!

Holiday Celebration Trivia (Blooket and GimKit)

5th session

Join us in celebrating holidays from around the world with fun trivia! 🎊🌍🎊 Dive into the festivities with engaging questions and occasional informative videos, offering a unique opportunity to explore both well-known and lesser-known celebrations. The dates for these sessions aren't fixed, as I aim to schedule them based on the most convenient timing shortly beforehand, and they are subject to change. We'll communicate any adjustments and availability in the group chat, so I suggest engaging with it to some extent. Additionally, expect more meetings than those currently listed, as I typically add them just a few days in advance. - Co-hosts are welcome to join, edit, host, and contribute to this series if they wish. :) I'm looking forward to celebrating with everyone! 🎉🥳🎉

Hannah W


Beginners Spanish

3rd session

Each session I hope to complete at least 3-4 common Spanish verbs.

Azaan H