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Algebra 1

Algebra 1





Algebra 1 Help



Join this subworld to ask questions, participate in discussions, and attend sessions.

Algebra 1 Series


Algebra 1: Mastery in 14 days!


Learn a new unit every day and master Algebra 1 in just 2 weeks! Classes will be daily from 11am to 1pm EST, starting July 22nd. Each class will begin with a pre-assessment on the unit and then we will practice to improve weak areas. Students are always expected to participate by explaining their methods and solutions, and adding helpful tips in the chat. Last 30 minutes of each class will be Algebra-1 QnA, open to all topics and questions.

Souritra B


Crash Course of Algebra 1!

8th session

Each session, we will go over a topic in Algebra 1! We will go over the topics shown in the Algebra 1 section of Khan Academy. We will be spending one session per section, so it will be a fast introduction to Algebra 1 rather than a deep dive.

Siena Z


Algebra 1 in two months: road to 100%

19th session

Over the next two months, we will go over everything you need to know about Algebra 1 to achieve a 100% score on the [Khan Academy Course Challenge]( Sessions are frequent and relatively slow-paced.

Agustín G

3 spots left!

Mastering Algebra 1

7th session

This 10-session series will go over all 14 subtopics of the Algebra I course as laid out by KhanAcademy, taught by an instructor who has taken all of high school math and has scored perfect on the SAT many times. Whether you are taking Algebra 1 next year and are looking for a head start or just finished Algebra 1 and needs more review, this series is for you!

Sourish K


Algebra 1 Full Course

6th session

Each session, we'll dive into one unit from the Khan Academy Algebra 1 course and wrap up with a quick quiz to gauge your understanding. This series will run Monday through Friday over the next three weeks(except for Friday on the third week), giving you a solid foundation if you're starting Algebra 1 this school year.

Karthi G

1 spot left!

Algebra 1 + Contest Math

2nd session

Timing is flexible. We will go over the fundamentals of Algebra and we will also go through it's applications, specifically Contest math, such as Mathcounts. The low amount of particiapatns will ensure that you get the specialized help you need, with each student getting lots of attention.

Siddharth S


Algebra 1 full review

4th session

We'll go over one unit every meeting, and after I explain it, we can go over any specific questions you have or do practice problems in Khan Academy..

Rishi K


Algebra 1 Whole Overview Units 1-14


We will go through all of Algebra 1 that is on Khan Academy. This is for any student who wants to get ahead of their teachers or understand the curriculum of Algebra 1 before hand. Understanding the curriculum beforehand will help the students do well in class. We will be going thru all units from 1 thru 14 on Khan Academy. We will make sure that every student can earn at least 90% on the tests.

Aditya R


Get ready to ACE Algebra 1!

3rd session

Are you ready to conquer Algebra 1? Join my comprehensive online tutoring series designed to build a strong foundation and boost your confidence in mathematics! What You'll Get: Personalized Learning: Tailored sessions that focus on your unique strengths and areas for improvement. Expert Guidance: Learn from an experienced tutor who simplifies complex concepts and makes learning enjoyable. Interactive Lessons: Engage with digital whiteboards, interactive tools, and real-time problem-solving. Comprehensive Coverage: Master key topics like solving equations, understanding functions, and tackling inequalities. We will be covering all of Algebra one, one unit for each session that you come to! The last session will be an all-encompassing review with a game! This series will be tailored to your needs and can be personalized as well! Let's all learn together!

Ken L


Learn Algebra 1 in 1 Week


Learn Algebra 1 in One Week. Each day we'll go over a few concepts in Algebra 1. It wouldn't be boring like school, it would just be a few short sessions to build off of previous knowledge and help you get ahead for the next school year.

Tara O  


Getting Ready for Algebra 1 - Summer Lessons

7th session

Each week, I will be covering a new section of Algebra 1 in order to help you get ready for the upcoming school year. Come ready to learn and ask questions!

Vihaan B


!!! Algebra 1 Crash Course !!!


🔥🔥Need help with Algebra 1? Or do you want to get a head-start in the classroom? Don't worry, as this series has got you covered! In these sessions, we will cover everything one needs to know about Algebra 1 - from systems of equations to box-plots to parabolas, you name it. And also, there will be two bonus classes at the very end to help you get ready for Geometry and Algebra 2. 🔥🔥

Utkarsh J


Algebra 1 run through (Units 1-14)


Starting in August I will be doing a series going through everything in Algebra 1.

Aman G