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Sharon V

Joined Mar 2021


I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2021 and received a BA in Molecular and Cell Biology, Immunology! I now work in a neuroanatomy lab and am an incoming medical student (MD/PhD)!


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Upcoming Sessions

All About the Application

    2nd session
The College Advice Moderator team is excited to bring back All About the Application where we will be doing a deep dive into almost everything about the Common App! New to this series, wonderful College Advice Tutors will also be hosting Ask Me Anything's (AMAs) on their application and college experience.

To Tutors: If you would like to host an AMA session, please DM Cindy to participate! 📝 All About the Application - We will learn about the format of Common App, what is on the application, test scores (and if you should use them), what to write about, choosing colleges to apply for, and what admissions officers look for. We will walk you through the Common App website and show you some websites which are good for finding colleges.

❓ Ask Me Anything - This is your chance to ask tutors how they ended up where they are. Look at the session descriptions below and mark your calendars for AMAs hosted by people in your field of interest.

Cindy A and 9 others

7 spots left!

Intro to Research

    6th session
Good news! Duplicate sessions in another timezone are now LIVE!
9:30AM EST Every Wednesday;
8PM EST Every Thursday

We'll be starting with beginner sessions to introduce you to research, including different fields of research and how each area of study conducts research differently. Then, we'll follow-up with sessions led by people who are currently doing or have done research like postgraduate students or those who are part of research programs. They'll go a little deeper into research in their specific field, and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions. We'll wrap things up with a session discussing careers in research, and not just academia!

At the end of this series, I hope that those of you who are considering research will have a better idea of whether you want to start research, and in what field! 😄📝

Jasmine L and Sharon V

3 spots left!

Featured Feedback


Thank you so much, this session was extremely helpful! Sharon is one of the best tutors on here!!

Learner · 9 days ago

You are such a great tutor! Thank you so much for hosting this session! I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Learner · 16 days ago

JUST ABSOLUTLY AWESOME. Hadn't been able to talk about my research project to basically anyone (the specific course that taught it has a new professor that is not very experienced on doing research) and your help was really, really helpful. Just Thank You

Learner · 16 days ago

Thank you so much for this session! You are so awesome! I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Learner · 21 days ago


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