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Noah G

Joined Apr 2023 · He/Him


I am the high school senior with more interests than time in a day. A proud jew, I frequently participate in synagogue services. Given the fact I am a fitness fanatic, I have been working out since being ruthlessly fat shamed in middle school, an experience that lit a fire under me to transform. Hitting the gym became my religion, and I now spend hours lifting weights, doing cardio, and devising crazy new workout routines while listening to Metallica and other hard rock jams. When I am not pumping iron, I love solving math problems and escaping from escape rooms. The adrenaline rush of trying to crack the code before time runs out is unparalleled. I am a war history buff who also enjoys skiing down difficult slopes on vacation, and crushing an opponent on the tennis court, followed by wicked piano solo to show off my musical talents. Lastly, I am often found in the cinema watching the newest thriller. My favorite films are the classic James Bond series starring Sean Connery and Roger Moore. The dynamic action perfectly matches my own need for adventure.


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Upcoming Sessions

🌊 SeaSpace Study Room 🌊

    42nd session

🐟 Are you in need of a relaxing study space? Come join us! Here, you will be accompanied with the comfort of various sea animals while you study! We also have THREE different timings throughout 6 days🐟 ⏱️ We will be doing the Pomodoro technique to increase productivity! This will be two 25 minutes of work and 5 minute breaks after each one. ⏱️ 🪸 During the session, we will be playing ocean background videos with lo-fi music and provide fun sea facts during the breaks! 🪸 💬 You are free to ask for help from the tutors (through chat) and chat during the breaks. Let's create an encouraging environment! 💬 Can't join or miss working with the ocean outside of sessions? Check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium's YouTube channel! That is where I get these videos :) While you're there, donate if you can! 🌊🪸🐳🐚🐠🦞🦀🐡🦈🐙🐬🐋🦐🐟🪸🌊


Aurel G and 4 others


⌜ Virtual Study Corner ⌟

    202nd session

My goal for this series is to provide motivation to study, as studying with others can help increase productivity. I'm also happy to help with any questions you have about study techniques! :) - Bring whatever you would like to work on! Everyone is welcome and you can work on any subject. 📚 - Cameras are not required, but having your camera on may help with accountability. - I ask that participants keep their microphones off during the 25 minute working sessions, but you are welcome to unmute during the five-minute breaks! We will also have check-ins during the pomodoro breaks. 🍅 - If you need help on any topic, let me know! I'd be happy to set up a session with you if I am certified. If not, I can recommend Schoolhouse sessions for you. 🎶 I'll be playing quiet background sounds during the sessions, so feel free to message me with music requests! 🎶


Sara G and 2 others

42 spots left!

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Thank you for this session.

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Thank you for this session! I love how interactive it was.

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