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Angelika L

Joined Apr 2022 · She/Her


I'm a Year 13 student intending to join the field of medicine soon.

💡Finished taking A-Level Biology, A-Level Chemistry, A-Level Mathematics (WJEC/EDUQAS) and the Welsh Baccalaureate.

I hope to be of some help to you and to see you in some of my future sessions/series! :)

“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela.


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Upcoming Sessions

🧬HEADSTART TO BIOLOGY SUMMER CAMP🧬bridging the gap from GCSE to AS level


Hi, in this series for the second year in a row, I'll be bridging the gap from GCSE to AS-level Biology, providing a comprehensive beginner introduction to the key topics. I will be using the WJEC AS-level syllabus as a guide, but the information should still be relevant to every syllabus. The goal of this series is to help you transition smoothly and get a head start on your AS-level studies during the summer break. ----------------------------------------------------- 🤔What we will cover: 1.) ⚛ Chemical Elements and Biological Compounds: Joining of chemical elements to form biological compounds; understanding the structure and properties of biological compounds. 2.) 🦠 Cell Structure and Organization: Exploring cell components and their functions; understanding the organization of cells into tissues and organs. 3.) 🚚Cell Membranes and Transport: Examining the structure and function of cell membranes; learning about transport mechanisms across cell membranes. 4.) 🗝🔒 Enzymes and Biological Reactions: Understanding the regulation of biological reactions by enzymes; exploring enzyme structure and function. We'll be doing a lot of quizzes so make sure you have a blooket account ready! Depending on how fast we progress we may also cover - 5.)🧬 Nucleic Acids and their Functions: Examining the structure and types of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA); understanding the functions of nucleic acids in genetic information storage and protein synthesis. 6.) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Genetic Information and Inheritance: Exploring the copying and transmission of genetic information to daughter cells; understanding the evolutionary history and relatedness of organisms. 7.) 🫁Adaptations for Gas Exchange: Studying adaptations for efficient gas exchange in organisms; understanding the structure and function of respiratory systems. 8.) 🫀 Adaptations for Transport: Exploring adaptations for effective substance transport in organisms; understanding the structure and function of circulatory systems. 9.) 🍎 Adaptations for Nutrition: Examining adaptations for obtaining and processing nutrients; learning about the structure and functions of digestive systems. ----------------------------------------------------- 👥 Who is this series intended for?: This series is intended for students who have just completed their GCSEs (around ages 15-16) and are preparing to start AS-level Biology. It will serve as a refresher as well as provide a solid foundation for your upcoming studies.

Angelika L


🥋SHOTOKAN KARATE 🥋beginning from basics!

Welcome to this Beginner's Shotokan Karate session for the second year in a row! 🥋 (Shotokan Karate is one of the four major styles of karate, and is one of the most popular and well-known styles in the world.) Whether you're a complete beginner or looking for an exciting activity to try, this session will introduce you to the basics of Shotokan Karate from the comfort of your own home. Cams on is not required, but if you want proper critique on your technique is recommended! This session will simulate the experience you would have in a training dojo, with a 10-minute warm-up and 50 minutes of karate technique afterwards + a Q&A. It will be a very active session so ensure you have some space (at least enough to kick in front of you safely). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 🤔What we will cover: 1.) 🏋️‍♀️ Warm-up: We will start with a 10-minute warm-up to prepare your body for training. We will focus on dynamic exercises and stretches to improve flexibility and get your heart rate up. 2.) 🤜 Basic Techniques (Kihon): Learn fundamental punches, blocks, and kicks with proper form and execution. I will provide demonstrations and feedback to help you improve. 3.) 🥊 Sparring Techniques (Kumite): We will cover basic sparring techniques to refine timing, distance, and defensive skills. Please ensure you have enough space to perform these techniques safely. 4.) 📚 Shotokan Karate Terminology: Throughout the session, we will be familiarising ourselves with key terminology and concepts to enhance our understanding and communication within the karate community. e.g. how many belts are there, what is kata, and how long until you can become a black belt? 5.) 🧘 Cool-down: Conclude the session with a brief cool-down period (hydration!) and answering any questions! --------------------- 👥 Who is this session intended for?: This session is open to anyone interested in learning the basics of Shotokan Karate, regardless of age or fitness level. Beginners and those with some prior experience are welcome. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Get ready to kick-start your Shotokan Karate journey from the comfort of your own home! 🌟 If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Let's embrace the spirit of the summer holiday and discover the excitement of Karate! 🥋🔥

Angelika L


Featured Feedback


Thank you for the series I do sad it had to end it was really great 👍 Tysm

Learner · 10 mo. ago

Thank you so much for the series! I had a lot of fun, learned lots of things and really enjoyed it :D

Learner · 10 mo. ago

Last session NOOOOOOOOO" :C Im so sad that it has ended, but the whole series was amazing!

Learner · 10 mo. ago

She is very good at explaining things and always makes lessons fun! I live her blocked sessions

Learner · 10 mo. ago


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