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Satrio B

Joined Apr 2022 · He/Him


I'm a high school student from the UK (taking A-Level) but born in Indonesia. I love STEM in general, particularly in Maths.I'm a certified tutor in More Math. I've sat BMO (British Mathematical Olympiad), equivalent to USAMO / AIME. One thing that I really want to happen in the future is that everyone will get along with maths and even find it interesting. I plan to major in Maths or Math with any variety of its applications in college/uni.


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Hey Satrio! I'm Kaiky, a member of the auditing team here at SHW. I just audited your Office Hours session and I think you did a great job helping learners! First off, I really liked the problems that you made for the review of your past sessions; they were well thought out and insightful! Your explanations along with Shadman were really good and I found it enjoyable to see you working together. The slides presented were very very well done and informative, they made the session more solid in its presentation to learners. I liked how they didn’t contain too much information, but always included the essential knowledge regarding the subject. I just wish that you had participated more in the explanations and presentations after Shadman joined the session, but either way it was great and instructive. Thank you for being a volunteer here! If you have any questions or would like to talk, feel free to reach out to me (Kaiky C) by Slack :)

Tutor · 1 yr. ago

thank you for all the help I can tell you really know your stuff and are very good at explaining the material!

Learner · 1 yr. ago

i really love this sessions i learn so much from this thank you for giving me many tips for the questions I really appreciated it

Learner · 1 yr. ago

Satrio was super patient and explained concepts very clearly!

Learner · 1 yr. ago


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