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Abigail C

Joined Feb 2022 · She/Her


Hello, My name is Abigail and I would love to help you with any questions which you may have! I would love any honest constructive feedback which will help me improve in my tutoring and do love receiving them :)


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Hello Abigail, hope your day is going well so far! Great job saying hello and welcoming your learners, it truly helps the learners become more comfortable with you (it does take a few seconds for the learner to join and hear you so maybe wait until like 5 seconds after to say hello). Great job handling your learner and helping them understand a complicated problem. I do suggest going through the problem with the learner slower, if they are having trouble learning the concept. I also recommend not giving them the answers right away and showing them what the squared means. (You could say something like anything to the power of 2 is the number multiplied by itself). I also recommend checking in more often if they understand the topic. I award you for helping out and providing great explanations. Overall, great job, you provided good explanations and went slower when solving a problem, later on, to make sure the learner understands. Thank you so much for tutoring at SHW! If you have any questions or concerns don’t be afraid to ask me on Slack @Hudson F

Tutor · 16 days ago

It was good

Learner · 1 mo. ago

Great job! Nothing is more appreciated than a tutor who admits their flaws + is polite! :)

Learner · 17 days ago

Great first session

Learner · 1 mo. ago


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