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Jane Y

Joined Nov 2021 · She/Her


Hi there! My name is Jane and I'm a secondary school student. My hobbies include reading, coding, and playing different instruments. I'm excited to share and be friends with all of you at SchoolHouse! :)


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Featured Feedback


Jane is a BRILLIANT storyteller and a great friend/tutor! She really takes the time out to chat with her learners and make meaningful bonds with them. She is very kind and energetic, always greeting her learners with zeal and enthusiasm. Her sessions are so interactive. In fact, almost all of her learners are friends with each other! I can vouch for her being one of the best tutors here at Schoolhouse! (Jane, please do give a shout-out to my homie Samprita (one of the best friends I have met through your series 🧡) if you see her! :))) —You know who I am :D

Learner · 10 mo. ago

Thanks so much for hosting Jane! Loved being back again (FINALLY!). It's been such a few hectic months and your sessions as always are super fun and chaotic with a touch of drama sprinkled on top. And also do make a new detective series (no pressure obviously).

Learner · 11 mo. ago

best session ever, hope to see way more, very good, splendid, and chaotic, series and sessions from you jane! janey members forever! -stanwey

Learner · 10 mo. ago

Thank you for today and looking forward to see the new series coming!!

Learner · 11 mo. ago


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