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Zuzu B

Joined Nov 2021


My name is Zuzu! I am a high school freshman in California, USA. 😺

I mainly teach Live help and Ukulele during the week. I also run an awesome game night, where we just have some relaxed fun over the weekend.

I am also the co-lead of the Session Request team, and I am a member of the Community Engagement team.

In my free time, I love to do performing arts and dance.

I am excited to teach you!


Nov 2021 - Present

Community Engagement Team

Jan 2023 - Present

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Upcoming Sessions

Community · Series

Schoolhouse Game Time!

    91st session

Welcome! If you are reading this, you are most likely here for one of three reasons. 1. You heard about this from a friend. 2. You want to play some fun games. Or 3, you wandered over here after searching schoolhouse. Regardless of how you got here, you are in for a treat. Welcome to SGT, or Schoolhouse Game Night! Every week, we meet up to relax from the stress of everyday life, to come together, and have some fun. We are completely open to suggestions, and would love to hear your responses! We frequently play games such as Gimkit, Blooket, and Spyfall. Every week, we play a few different games, but we do have a theme each week. I hope you enjoy it! -Zuzu

Zuzu B


Community · Series


    9th session

Welcome to Z's Uke Course! We will start at the very beginning. There is nothing you need to know beforehand. That said, we are going to go through a basic beginning course to help YOU learn the Ukulele. We will start with learning the history of the Ukulele, and go all the way to basic songs and strumming patterns. Please note: This is a beginner course, and it will run for 13 weeks. There will be 12 separate lessons, and we will go through one each week. It would be recommended to have a Ukulele, but if you don't you can still follow along.

Zuzu B


Community · Session

SHW Gimkit Lore Fellowship: Defeat of the Plastic Bottles

Hidden within the vast depths of the seemingly simple education tool Gimkit, is an expansive Universe where two forces, Vortex and Echo, fight for domination. As part of an ongoing series, we'll tear apart the codes and puzzles buried in this world, as we attempt to uncover the truth behind it all... Last time, we made it to the end of the ingredient collection for the mysterious Chemical Supreme, but then, the whole Universe crashed on us! This time, we will attempt once more to collect not only the 30 Gold Keys necessary but also 5 Kilograms of Plastic Bottles!

Rayyann A and Zuzu B


Featured Feedback


Thank you so much! Your game nights are always fun, I wish I could attend them often but since my exams are near, I rarely have free time. Please do continue hosting them, I can start joining again from June. ~ Rubayet

Learner · 6 days ago

Three Hundred!!! Thanks Zuzu, this was fun!

Learner · 1 mo. ago

This was so fun! National Treasure, Da Vinci Code, I grew up with this films, and this session made me feel as if I was in one of their adventures. Thank you so much!

Learner · 20 days ago

Thank you so much for the session! After studying all day, this session gave me the chance to enjoy and take a break, really appreciated it!!!!

Learner · 1 mo. ago


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