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Ria D

Joined Mar 2023 · She/Her


I'm a high school senior from Arizona, and I am so enthusiastic to be here. So far, I have passed 14 AP exams (US Gov, CSP, Lang, Euro, Calc AB, Comp Gov, Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1, Lit, French, Statistics, US History, Seminar). I also absolutely love art, and I enter at least 8 art competitions annually; my favorite media are ballpoint pen, graphite, and acrylic. I also have two cats.

If you have any questions on any of the aforementioned APs, or on the SAT/ACT, please feel free to reach out!:)


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Upcoming Sessions

History Subworld Community Events

Embark on a journey through the past with our History Subworld's Community Event series! Each month, we will host a number of community based sessions. Join us for lectures, workshops, tours, games, and hands-on activities, and connect with the past in meaningful ways.

Ria D and 3 others


AP U.S. Government Content and Writing Review

This tutoring series will cover each unit of the AP United States Government and Politics Exam, focusing on in depth discussion of the foundational documents and required SCOTUS cases. Expect to participate in content-related discussions and minigames to test your knowledge of the subject.

Each session, we will go through a different unit or document in depth, with opportunities in-between to review past content. There are no prerequisites to this series.

Ria D


Algebra Avenue: Algebra 1 Community Events

Hey everyone! 📣🎉
We're thrilled to have you all here as we embark on this exciting journey through Algebra 1 together. This session is meant to bring all of us Algebra 1 learners closer and to help us build a supportive, collaborative, and vibrant learning community. 🌟 We believe that by getting to know one another, we can enhance our collective understanding and make our algebraic adventure even more enjoyable.
During this session, we'll have the opportunity to introduce ourselves, share our interests in mathematics, and get a glimpse of our unique perspectives on algebra. 🤓This will be a fun and interactive gathering where we can break the ice and foster connections.
Let's begin our journey together with enthusiasm and curiosity! 🚀🔢

Ria D and 2 others


Featured Feedback


It was all good! Ria, you kept everyone engaged through continuous conversation, something I think you are extremely good at and you made sure to show the students all the materials without giving away too much. I must say that I am impressed. You also

Tutor · 10 days ago

Thank you for this session! I love how open you were to questions and unafraid to admit to when you were making mistakes.

Learner · 11 days ago

Even I felt I learnt something. it was also obvious your kids (students) felt very comfortable. Great going Ria!

Tutor · 10 days ago

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to do this for everybody! I think it really helped me a lot with some of the stuff I was worried about.

Learner · 12 days ago


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