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Woody W

Joined Oct 2021 · He/Him


Hi! My name is Wudi. I was born in Canada and I'm living in China. I like drawing, computer programming, crafting, science, soccer, and also play Dungeons & Dragons, but most of all I love animating stickman figure. I've been programming about 5 years and animating these years. I'm here is also to make friends. I can't wait to learn together!


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Upcoming Sessions

Time for Conundrums

    9th session
We will cover about conundrums from Astra Nova School and expressing what you think, so feel free to come in and show your knowledge to everyone and learn from everyone.

If you join, please speak up so that we all can hear from you, so don't be shy and give it a try.

Every session, I will play a video of a conundrom and we all will take turns expressing what they think.

Woody W


Featured Feedback


This is an enrichment session, so checking the prior knowledge and post knowledge of the learner is not applicable. However, I do notice that you are adapting to the learner's unique needs by being patient with them when they can't follow along or have trouble.

Tutor · 4 mo. ago

In this session,I learnt many things about how can I be a good tutor.Also I had lots of fun in playing games.It's a wonderful session!

Learner · 1 yr. ago

this session is so fun!!! i have hiccups because i laugh too much!!!! 🤣😂 if i am the innkeeper i will give you a Secret note

Learner · 11 mo. ago

I had so much fun playing fishtopia with everyone today, thanks a lot Woody and David. See you in the next session

Learner · 1 yr. ago


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