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Woody W

Joined Oct 2021 · He/Him


Hi! My name is Wudi. I was born in Canada and I'm living in China. I like drawing, computer programming, crafting, science and soccer, but most of all I like animating stickman figure. I've been programming about 5 years and animating these years. I'm here is also to make friends. I can't wait to learn together!


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Upcoming Sessions

Community · Series

Animation Dojo

    3rd session

Greetings fellow students! In this series I will be talking about how to make your very own animation, give tips, and introduce. We'll be starting from Basics to Bestest! Material: If you are going to make flipbook animations than you can just use paper and pen. If you are going to make digital animations than you will need a digital tablet and an app. (I will be talking about apps in the series but you will have to figure out how to get a digital tablet for drawing, good luck.) Of course, if you can't buy the materials for animating than there's a app that doesn't really include using pen and it's called PIVOT ANIMATOR:

Woody W

11 spots left!

Experimental · Series

Webpage Maker

    3rd session

So you wanna learn how to make webpage’s? Maybe your thinking of making one about you, or for helping others like Schoolhouse.World! Well, here I’ll teach you about how to make your very own webpage from where you should start, to publishing to the internet. So buckle up and start your computer.

Woody W


Community · Series

Schoolhouse D&D club #2

    3rd session

Welcome brave adventurers! So you have come to explore, slay dragons, and find treasure isn't it? Well, then join in the adventure and don't worry, we will cover on how to play D&D from making your character, to slaying dragons and find treasures. So prepare and pull out your sword because there is an adventure ahead of us! Of course, there is other Adventure groups if this is full: And another

Woody W

Registration full.

Featured Feedback


In this session,I learnt many things about how can I be a good tutor.Also I had lots of fun in playing games.It's a wonderful session!

Learner · 7 mo. ago

I have always enjoyed the riddles, but by far, this musicians one has been the most mysterious (still can't understand the solution lol)

Learner · 8 mo. ago

I had so much fun playing fishtopia with everyone today, thanks a lot Woody and David. See you in the next session

Learner · 8 mo. ago

Very interesting riddles! Could figure out the first one, but got the second. Yeah! Looking forward to the next session :)

Learner · 8 mo. ago


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Member from Apr 2022 to Sep 2022


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