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Tanish R

Joined Jun 2024 · He/Him


I'm a rising freshman who enjoys math, computer science, and physics as well as countless other technical subjects especially those within STEM.


Jun 2024 - Present

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Upcoming Sessions

Complete Summer Geometry Course

    11th session

This will be a summer course covering geometry, hopefully this will help you review or prepare for next school year! We will use Khan Academy's High School Geometry for the majority of the time along with other resources. Disclaimer - This series only covers geometry in a regular high school geometry course. More advanced geometry in higher levels of math are not covered. Navigate to the Pre-Calculus/Calculus or Algebra 2 subworlds if you need help on those. Course Information: []( What you’ll get: - Around 25-30 hours of tutoring using Khan Academy's geometry courses along with other resources - Practice problems each session How it works: Concept Review - 3x Every Week (1 Topic Each Session) - Recap previous session topic - Introduction to that session's topic - In-depth explanation of the topic - Practice problems to develop mastery Catch-up/Q&A Sessions If Needed - Get personalized support for any topics/questions you need to be covered - Dedicated time for addressing individual concerns - Extra sessions will be added if more coverage is needed Occasional Night/Evening Sessions - For those who cannot make the afternoon session that day Click on the link above for more info.


Doreen L and 3 others

5 spots left!

Featured Feedback


Thanks for the session! This helped a lot with topics in combinatorics and geometry!

Learner · 5 days ago

This session was fun.

Learner · 12 days ago

Thank you for this session. I love how interactive it was nice.

Learner · 5 days ago

thank you so much, it was so funny and educational!!

Learner · 12 days ago


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