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Nancy J

Joined Apr 2024 · She/Her


I'm a rising high school senior from NorCal.

I’m passionate about health science and have experience with multiple AP courses. I’m looking to take AP Physics 2 and C next year and any help would be appreciated!

Feel free to send me a message on Schoolhouse about any questions you might have :)

I like hiking, backpacking, running, swimming, biking, skydiving, competitive eating, and occasionally playing the piano.

"Don't stop when you're finished, stop when you're done."


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Upcoming Sessions

Intro to Piano/Keyboard

    3rd session

In this course, we'll be covering the fundamentals of how to read notes and rhythm, locate notes on the piano, proper hand technique, etc. You will need access to a physical keyboard or piano (88-key not necessary) of some sort for this class! If you're interested in solely piano theory or do not have access to a physical keyboard, check out my other series :)

Nancy J


score range · 400 - 490

Reading and Writing for the August 2024 SAT

    Saturdays 2:00 AM, Sundays 11:00 PM

Hi, my name is Nancy and I am a rising high school senior from California! I am excited to help learners reach their goal on the dSAT and have experience tutoring previous SAT Bootcamps from Reading&Writing. I am also involved in the Chemistry, Biology, and Enrichment Subworlds so feel free to check out my activities there :) Outside of being an avid Pokemon Go player, I enjoy reading, writing, running, swimming, hiking, backpacking, and cooking Asian food. I hope to hike the PCT next summer.

Nancy J


Featured Feedback


Thank you so much for such an in-depth session about chemistry! I appreciate how interactive and kind you were throughout the entire session. From the start to the end of the session, you were incredibly kind and friendly! You were also very understanding whenever I got something wrong! This is my first time ever learning chemistry and you made it very enjoyable and understandable! Thank you so much! I look forward to having more chemistry sessions with you in the future!

Learner · 11 days ago

The session covered really good material! This is going to be very helpful for me next year when I take AP Bio :)

Learner · 12 days ago

Thank you so much for the amazing session! You were really interactive as well as incredibly friendly throughout the entirety of the session. You explained concepts in great detail while also making sure everything was understandable. I really liked how you did a Kahoot review of what was taught in the last session so everyone could refresh their memory on key concepts and topics so that they could be better prepared for the session. I look forward to having more sessions with you in the future and thank you again for an amazing session! - Abby

Learner · 12 days ago

She was very passionate and made the subjects very easily simplified.

Learner · 15 days ago


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