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Michael K

Joined Jun 2021


Hi! My name is Michael and I'm from New York. My favorite subjects in school are math, history, English, and outside of school I enjoy playing chess, running, and writing. At Schoolhouse, I tutor math and chess.


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It was so good! I finally got to play chess! I learned a lot today. Looking forward to having another session!

Learner · 1 yr. ago

Highly recommended for Math and Chess tutoring. He explains everything clearly and briefly that anyone else could understand!

Learner · 2 yr. ago

This is the worlds best tutor! He explains everything clearly and I really enjoy having him in every class. I will never miss any chess sessions of him. Great job!

Learner · 1 yr. ago

It was a great session! I absolutely loved the experience. Keep up the good job

Learner · 2 yr. ago


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Blog Articles

Blog image


IntrepidEd: The Value of Peer Tutoring

An analysis of the unique benefits of peer tutoring!

Michael K on June 25, 2022

Blog image


Balancing Life in High School

High school can often be challenging, as there is a lot to be done and a whole lot of responsibility to undertake. Finding time to get everything done - both inside and outside the classroom - can be difficult. However, once you find your balance, things can be much easier. One of our tutors shares some tips on how to do this!

Michael K on November 23, 2021

Blog image


Give Chess a Chance

Chess is a fascinating game with timeless qualities that have made it a favorite for centuries. Yet, many may find it difficult to venture into playing it. In this post, Michael, a tutor at, dives deeper into why it can be a worthwhile endeavor!

Michael K on September 27, 2021

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Benefits of Group Learning

An in-depth look at the benefits of group learning provided at Schoolhouse!

Michael K on August 7, 2021 peer tutoring, for free.


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