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Rand A

Joined Aug 2023 · He/Him


I’m a senior here looking to explore my subjects of interest like Math and Physics. I'm passionate about building engineering projects and have also found a love for tutoring, too! Looking forward to tutoring more on schoolhouse :)


Aug 2023 - Present








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Featured Feedback


Great job on greeting the learner as they joined, and thanks for introducing yourself! I also liked how you created a comfortable environment by starting off with asking how the learner's day was. Fantastic work here, keep it up! You maintained a kind and encouraging tone throughout the session. I also liked how patient you were, and how you always guided the learner back on track when they made mistakes. I also liked how you helped them understand why their answer was incorrect! This helps the learner develop a deeper understanding of the topic. You wrapped up the session with some more words of encouragement, and it looks like the learner was satisfied with what they had learned! Overall, this session is one of the best I've seen on Schoolhouse. Thank you so much for tutoring, and feel free to contact me over Slack if you have any questions. Have a great day/night!

Tutor · 6 mo. ago

Not only did I have fun while learning, but he was super interactive with amazing explanations! Thanks for you help Rand!

Learner · 6 mo. ago

There is evidence the learner made progress, as a wide variety of topics were explain in-depth in the session, and the learner worked through multiple problems. Additionally, they commented: "Thank you for explaining everything. Your methods are actually way easier."

Tutor · 6 mo. ago

I sincerely appreciate your hard work! thank you

Learner · 6 mo. ago


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