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Grace C

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Hi, I'm Grace and I'm excited to be a tutor! I'm a highschool sophomore from Indiana. So far I'm certified in Algebra 1 and AP Calculus. I hope to gain more experience and become certified in other areas of math too. I have qualified for the AIME and received a 5 on the AP Calculus AB exam. I am also interested in biology and chemistry. I look forward to meeting everyone!

What learners have to say

Extremely patient and helpful, I loved how you broke it down as much as possible.

This session was amazing! The rocket ship visualization of multiplying and factoring the binomials was very easy for me to understand. Keep up the great work! 👍

I would look forward to solving more problems and seek your help!

Tutor was amazing and was always eager to help!

Very great explanations for even a beginner!!! Appreciated that multiple resources were used to thoroughly explain topics (different images and a virtual lab).

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Good session.


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Member since Dec 2021

Auditing Team

Member since Dec 2021

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