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Murray J

Joined Mar 2023 · He/Him


☀️First: Let me introduce myself, my name is Murray, I am from China🇨🇳中华台北, a country with 5,000 years of history and countless cultures.

I am very honored to meet you here and very happy that we can grow here together! Nice to meet you all !!!

☀️Second: About my achievements and what sessions I hosted in the schoolhouse

This is my second year in the schoolhouse. My main areas of teaching are Biology, Mathematics, Chinese, and Astronomy, and there maybe some other courses I will host in the past.

Last year, I participated in the summer camp of the schoolhouse , met a lot of friends, and also created my own sessions and I will continue to participate in the summer camp this years to create more wonderful things and sessions.

❗️If you want to co-host with me, you can send me a private message on Slack .

☀️Third: My interests, I usually like to ride, go out to see the scenery🌅, and generally I like to listen to songs, especially 💜Taylor Swift 💜songs and Lavu songs, and some Korean songs and more ,also I like to cook food very much, I cooked some kinds of Chinese food and other countries food too!!!

❗️If you want learn just lit me know I will teach you either!

☀️To sum up: I am a very sunny boy. I'm here for growth and learning, as well as to impart knowledge, If you need help, please free to let me know.

I have a lot of creative inspiration I will also teach each of my sessions very well .

There may be some things that are not done very well, I try my best to avoid, please forgive me.

Let me repeat it again : If you need help with me, you can leave me a message on Slack, I'll get back to you as soon as I see the message.

Thank you guys understand 🤝

Hope can see you soon

——From Murray J

☀️ Loving what you choose and choosing what you love will energize life


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