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Keda Via I

  Joined Nov 2022 · She/Her


Hello! I am the creator, team lead and student/tutor coordinator of the Personal Goal Setting with Algebra 1 program. We have worked since May 19th to provide consistent assistance to those with the long term goal of learning algebra 1. If you are interested and would like our help, feel free to contact me here or on slack (@Via Ishtar). Happy Learning💜!


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Upcoming Sessions

Algebra 1 · Series

PGS Journeys

    33rd session

Hello and welcome to The Journeys of a Tutor, brought to you by the wonderful Personal Goal Setting (PGS) tutors of Schoolhouse! Would you like to learn more math? Gain access to a greater attendance rate? Open the door to more tutoring oppurtunites? If so, then I'd like to offer you a way to acheive all of that and more! It’s a known fact that Pre-Algebra sessions have low learner attendance rates. As a result, Pre-Algebra tutors often schedule sessions, only for nobody to come! In order to address this issue, the Personal Goal Setting (PGS) project is hosting this event to provide you, Pre-Algebra tutors, with all the tools and knowledge you will need to tutor others in Algebra 1. By tutoring Algebra 1 topics, you all as tutors may gain higher attendance rates in your sessions!

If the prospect of an enhanced future interests you, please do join us as we journey together through the world of Algebra 1!

Classes are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11am, 6pm, and 8pm EST. Office hours are Saturdays at 12pm and 6pm EST. This series will last until all of Algebra 1 has been covered and fully understood.


Keda Via I and 6 others

Registration full.

Algebra 1 · Series

Khan Academy Quadratics Bootcamp


In this series, we will be learning how to multiply and factor quadratic expressions. We will follow the Khan Academy Quadratics Unit and aim to achieve mastery in each of the offered skills.

By the end of this series, you will be able to expand exressions such as 4824x+3x248-24x+3x^2

, and expand expressions like (2+7x)(27x)!\left(2+7x\right)\left(2-7x\right)!

Keda Via I


Featured Feedback


Thank you a lot for being supportive, explaining concisely and sharing more tips on how to become a better tutor! You're a great tutor, Keda!

Learner · 14 days ago

she was amazing

Learner · 18 days ago

Keda Via. Thank you so much for the practice.

Learner · 14 days ago

Thank you for your help! You really helped me understand and were very patient! Thanks!

Learner · 1 mo. ago


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