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Ashi G

Joined Jun 2022 · She/Her


Hi! My name is Ashi and I am a rising sophomore from California. I am taking many AP classes this year and hope that I will be able to get ahead in my classes through Schoolhouse. My hobbies include coding, reading, writing, playing badminton, and biking. I have been tutoring local middle school students in math for free for a couple of years now, as I was always ahead in my math classes. I hope that I will be able to use my experience to teach at Schoolhouse as well as learn something new :)


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Upcoming Sessions

Pre-Algebra · Series

Polynomials Workshop

    3rd session

Hi guys! I absolutely love polynomials and if you want to prepare yourself for your journey with polynomials, this is the right place for you. We will go over concepts such as factoring, graphing, solving, and manipulating. We will meet twice a week (except for the week of the 20th). I am going to keep the attendance policy pretty lax so you can join whenever you want to based on your needs.

Ashi G


Experimental · Summer Camp Series

Python for Beginners


Python is THE LANGUAGE OF THE FUTURE! Join this series and learn the basics of python. This is for complete beginners and will help you embark on a wonderful journey through the world of computers. We will be using as our platform to code and will have homework too, as the best way to learn to code is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, AND MORE PRACTICE :)

Ashi G

Registration full.

Experimental · Series

Reading and Writing with Ashi


This series was requested by a learner. However, anyone is welcome to join. We are going to be taking a look at a popular book called Harry Potter. You might have read that before, but with the new reading style that we are going to implement in our sessions, you will view the book differently - as how an English professor might view the book instead of just reading it for entertainment. We will look at what makes Harry Potter so interesting to readers. All of this will result in a culminating writing assignment. Get ready to be surprised by the improvement in your English reading and writing as well as the different perspectives of a novel.

Ashi G

2 spots left!

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Because they were kind

Learner · 5 days ago

Great Session

Learner · 10 days ago

Thank you I learned a lot!

Learner · 5 days ago

She was amazing, she walked me though the whole project and was super helpful :))

Learner · 11 days ago


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