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Enrichment · Session

Intro to Chemistry

53 minutes
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*This session was requested by Siddartha K* During this session, we will be going over the first unit in Siddartha's science curriculum called Unit 1: Matter and Energy. These are the standards: * Students can describe the structure of atoms, including the masses, electrical charges, and locations, of protons and neutrons in the nucleus and electrons in the electron cloud. * Students can identify that protons determine an element’s identity and valence electrons determine its chemical properties,including reactivity. * Students can interpret the arrangement of the Periodic Table, including groups and periods, to explain how properties are used to classify elements. * Students can recognize that chemical formulas are used to identify substances and determine the number of atoms of each element in chemical formulas containing subscripts. * Students can investigate how evidence of chemical reactions indicates that new substances with different properties are formed and how that relates to the law of conservation of mass. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!

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Raisa R


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