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Beginner Piano Class

67 minutes
This session has ended.

Session Details


This is a beginner piano class. I will start from the very beginning, with the assumption that you have never touched the piano before. We will learn the basics of reading music, and learn to play a simplified version of "Amazing Grace". What do you need? You will need a piano or keyboard. Even if the keyboard does not have all the 88 keys found on a typical piano, it is OK because you are still figuring out whether this is something you want to continue or not, and pianos are often quite expensive. In the case that you don't have any instrument, you can still join to get an introduction to the piano and decide if you want to start learning it. Don't worry about the study materials, I will be providing the book and sheet music. P.S This is the first session I host. You can think of it as a trial. That is why I decided to keep it shorter than an hour. If this ends up being successful I might turn it into a series where we meet weekly (perhaps every sunday).

Tutor Qualifications

I've been playing piano for over 5 years (and have been taking piano classes once or twice every week) and am currently preparing for the grade 5 exam (out of 8 grades).

Hosted By

Ragad S


3 / 10



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